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  1. The only thing restricting movement of the pipe is its shape and location. I can unbolt it, remove all three hoses, and it rattles loose - but there is not enough clearance between the head and the cross-member to get it out, owing to the complex shape of the pipe. I'll get into it again at the weekend and try some other things to get better vision and access. Thanks for the thought, though; I'll update as I find out more.
  2. Thanks Tlag for the suggestion, but I've done the usual non-instrument related checks for a CHG problem (I was an AA Patrol for over twenty years...) including a basic olfactory sniff test (using the Mk1 nose). It's rare on almost any engine for a CHG to leak coolant externally from the engine - they overheat through cylinder gases entering the water jacket and usually leak coolant into the cylinders if it can't get into the oil. Usually gas pressure forces the coolant out of the overflow. Mine is definitely losing coolant from the aft end of the left hand cylinder bank area - constantly, even with the engine off (it drips onto the n/s engine mount, then runs down and drips off the crossmember) but I haven't been able to see well enough where it's coming from. As I said in the original post, I suspect the rigid heater return pipe, but I can't get the damned thing off to examine it properly. Come Saturday I'm going to try releasing the n/s engine mount and jacking the engine up to give me some more clearance, and see how that goes. I might even be able to see some more then, too.... I'll keep you guys updated.
  3. Thanks for trying; I found that one myself the other day but that manual is for US-spec vehicles, and specifically says it doesn't cover 6-cylinder models. I have found a couple of ads on ebay offering manuals on CD, so I've ordered one of those; I'll see what it's like in a day or two. Despite being pretty techno-savvy, though, I still prefer to hold a real book.
  4. It's coolant leak from somewhere on the left-hand side of the engine which causes a drip from the n/s engine mounting. Full description is at "" (sorry, not sure how to make this an active link...) Right now I'm tired, damp and soggy after the ride home from work on top of a 13 hour shift, so please forgive me being less than sociable...
  5. I'm in a similar situation. I have grandfathered C+E rights for wagon and drag; I'm also qualified for BE and C1E by the same rules - but if I lose or give up my Class C, then I lose the right to haul a full sized (7500kg) trailer with a C1, but can only haul 750kg. What it does to my BE I'm not sure - will it mean I can no longer tow my caravan? As usual, a bunch of semi-ignorant bureaucrats have done a half-assed job of rewriting a set of rules that were perfectly all right as they were... Don't you just love government?
  6. Found you guys through Google by searching for "subaru forums UK". Incidentally, I didn't use IE - haven't used that in many a long year since I moved from Windoze to a Linux variant using either Chrome or Firefox. Being a Subaru fan and owner obviously shows that I have individuality, intelligence, taste and a penchant for quality over following the herd. I am on Facebook - once in a blue moon. Set it up when my late wife was getting ready to head this side of the pond so we could keep in touch with the grandkids. Then she died - and it was too stressful to stay on it. I still read once in a while if someone sends me an interesting message, but as for being interested in the minutiae of other peoples lives? No thanks - I have a life of my own. Oh; and I don't search for !Removed!; I already know where to find it... right here... all those lovely pictures of scooby-doos to drool over.
  7. Thanks for the enthusiastic welcome. Photos I'll get sorted out a little later when the car's mobile again and I can get it into a slightly more flattering place than a Basingstoke back street - and away from the neighbours' Citroens and Kias. Meanwhile it looks as if I'll have to get the bike out (oh dear, what a shame, how terrible, how sad) to get to work for the next few days... Somehow the thought of a twenty mile commute at 5.30am seems much less tedious on a 1200 Yamaha.
  8. This could be the last post I ever make in this thread....
  9. Outback H6, 2003, 120k I've had the car for about 6 months and apart from a rear brake rebuild, had no troubles - until yesterday. Coming back from Tesco the 'VDCOFF' warning light came up and the aircon stopped. I'm guessing now that it was also running hot, but I never thought to check the temp gauge (yes I know I should have done the regular scan, but...) Got home, checked it over, found some loss of coolant, but no obvious cause. Top up, run up, seems OK. Quick trip to the same shopping centre this morning; VDC light on in less than half a mile, and temp climbing quickly. Looks like I'm not going to the Hawk Conservancy today... I've checked it over and I cannot find the source of the coolant loss. There was a steady drip from the back of the undertray, so I took that off and the drip transferred to the cross-member. It seems to be running down the n/s engine mount, but I can't find where from. I traced the coolant pipework and the most likely place seems to be the heater return pipe - not the hose, but the rigid pipe which runs from the hose, has a tapping for the throttle body heater return hose, then goes back to the block through a small straight hose near the bottom rad hose. Aha, thought I; I can solder that up once it's off the car. So, I disconnected it, removed the mounting bolts - and I cannot for the life of me see how to get it out without removing the engine - or at least the n/s engine mount, valve cover, and possibly the l/h head. For all that it feels sound - no serious corrosion or damage, so it cleaned the ends as best I could and refitted it. The leak is still there - but all joints are dry; although I can't see the full length of the pipe, there is a suggestion of dampness along the hidden part, but I cannot see where the drip originates, there's too much 'stuff' in the way. If I could get the pipe off, even if it were not repairable I could jury rig a tee-piece and a hose to replace it, but there's no room at the engine end with it in place. As my nearest dealers are at least forty miles away, I'm a little restricted... Any ideas? Either alternative possibilities for the source of the leak or ideas to remove the pipe... As a 'by the way' where can I get a shop manual for this car? Haynes have never even heard of Subaru... Regards Barry (thenudehamster)
  10. Afternoon all; Finally, after many years (and a few divorces) I've managed to get myself into the driving seat of an Outback - and it's an H6, which seem to be dropping rapidly in value, probably because 3 litres scares people for fuel and tax. Anyway it's a 53 plate, auto, 120k, red and silver, tan interior, and loaded. I'm impressed. seriously. I owned an ancient (even then) 2wd Loyalty in the US many years back and I loved that. Mechanically reliable, loads of space and economical too. Pity the body rusted away... Anyway, my then landlord bought an H6 to replace his ageing Ford Explorer - in country New Hampshire you need four-wheel drive - and he raved about it. Said it was the only station wagon he'd driven that performed and handled like a sports car. I drove it once, and that sold me too, but already having a company car I couldn't justify buying one. On returning to the UK, broke, it took a while and a few clunkers before I finally got my hands on one. Now I'm a happy man - and so is the other half, who doesn't even drive! I do have a current problem with it, but that's not for this post; I'll search a bit for answers to that. Regards Barry (the nudehamster)