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  1. Any instructions how to fit tow bar to 2014 forester XT
  2. I wonder if someone can help me I am not sure how to use the Vehicle dynamics control system is it only for offroad or snow and when to use it and can you switch it on when car is moving the manual is not to clear my car is 2011 forester.When the wife was out in the snow going round a roundabout the car wanted to go into next lane did not want follow round in the right lane.
  3. First of all thank you for answers for water leak going in to garage to get new windscreen fitted now I have another problem the instrament lights keep going out on there one if i turn them up or down they will come on and then go up to full drightness I would like some info as this forester is still under garage 6 month warranty and going into garage on monday they do not seem to know what the problem is. Forester 2011 Thanks
  4. I wonder if anyone has come up against this problem I have a water leek that drops on my accelorator foot happnes not very often vets food no wet carpets went in to subaru garage fault not found only very small amount the car is a 2011 forester please help if you can also intrument light seen to brighten on ther own then go back to normal settings.
  5. I have a 07 forester 2oxc the eml and cruse light come on every morning and stay on fault codes are P2444& P0413 I beleave they are air pump and valves and i wonder if they can be cleaned out as the are £1500 to replace from subaru can anyone can help?
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