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  1. Having issues on my 2006 Forester XE Auto 2.0 non turbo. Engine management light and green cruise control staying on. Plugged in OBD reader and it’s giving me P0130 Bank 1 Sensor 1 fault code. The garage that I use who specialise in Foresters, cleared the code and also the history. Replaced the 02 sensor from another Forester that they were breaking. This was a working sensor incidentally. Fired up, no lights on dash, drove for about 3 miles until it got hot and both warning lights back on. Can anyone give me some help or ideas about possible other reasons and solutions for getting rid of engine management light and cruise control lights Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Needed a whole new Exhaust system from cat to tail pipe on my 2.0 Forester Auto. Subaru wanted £1100 for a complete system in milld steel !. I don't think so!. Found this brilliant company in Macclesfield who today fabricated, supplied and fitted the entire system for me in 304 grade stainless steel. Price £550 + VAT. I am very pleased. Plus, it is guaranteed for the life of the car !!!. I can highly recommend them !!!! www.jpexhausts.co.uk Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. No worries David, just thought it might help us both really ?. Will have a go on mine when I get the chance and let you know how I get on. Could be good option having dealer change the glass on the roof as with it all apart they could very easily look closely at the rails and mechanism etc. Not sure how heavy the glass is to remove but could be a 2 person job. I do have a garage but like most people I can't get a car inside it !!!!. Be a bit nicer to do inside a cosy garage as opposed to on my driveway at this time of year . Also, these are the Pedders rear shocks I had fitted. http://www.subaruforesterparts.co.uk/_p/prd1/4511656601/product/forester-sf5-1997-2002-ezifit-rear-kit Speak soon and let me know what your dealer says ?. Incidentally I noticed your profile says you are in Devon. My Forester was originally supplied by Pollitts in Exeter !!!! Brian
  4. Hi David, I have been doing some research into the other thing we discussed about the sticking sunroof and according to some people, the way we both have found it to work is a common issue. Some people say that it is meant to be like that, but I am not so sure ?. Anyway, a couple of people have pointed me here, so have a look and see what you think. There is a Youtube Video link for you to look at as well 1) Reset the sunroof motor. (1) Close the sunroof lid completely, and then push the switch to close for more than 1 second. (At this time, the sunroof operates 50 mm (1.97 in) each intermittently. And also the switch is needed to push for several times.) (2) Open the sunroof lid approx. 400 mm (15.75 in). (3) Close the sunroof lid completely, and then push the switch to close for more than 1 second. (Sunroof operates automatically by performing this operation.) Hope this helps !!! Brian
  5. Ok David, be interested to hear how they get on?. Will let you know if I find a cure for the sticking mechanism as well Speak soon Brian Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Hi David, sorry to hear about your cracked sunroof, good news that you can claim on your glass cover section of your insurance though, otherwise that like a lot of Subaru parts would be a very expensive repair. Co incidentally I also have a similarly issue with mine and often struggle to close the roof in one go with it stopping intermittently. I often have to resort to exerting a bit of pressure on the sun shield as it closes to help it on its way. I haven't investigated replacing the motor, particularly now winter is here. I will ask Sean's advice about it for mine and would suggest you do the same when you speak to him about your suspension. Just a thought though. Not sure when you're MOT is due but my shocks were quite bad when the originals came off and would very likely have failed it's MOT. Might be worth sorting depending how bad they are of course, before your MOT is due. hope this helps regards brian
  7. Hi David, glad you found the article useful, I am delighted with my Pedders rear suspension. If you can't make it upto Sean, you can have them shipped to you. I actually had mine fitted at Pedders themselves in Buckinghamshire after Sean arranged it. Very straightforward DIY job if you feel upto doing it yourself or a Garage would fit for you I am sure. On a separate note, I also had a problem with my NSF Headlight. It was permanently full of condensation and after talking to Sean, he offered to re seal the unit for me as apparently this is also a common problem. Had tried before unsuccessfully to locate a secondhand one. Thanks to him I now have perfect rear suspension again and condensation free headlights Hope this helps and good luck and do contact Sean. Regards Brian
  8. I have a 2006 Forester XE Auto with Self Levelling Rear Suspension. As is common with this type of suspension, it fails. Mine was lop sided on the OSR, so after investigating the cause my garage diagnosed a failed rear damper. Price for a genuine Subaru replacement is £483.00 plus VAT. Garage recommended changing the pair, so that would have ben just over £1000 with fitting !!!. No way could I justify this for a 10 year old Scooby, as much as I love her. After a lot of research, I came across a company called http://www.subaruforesterparts.co.uk. Really really helpful guy called Sean runs it. Clearly knows his stuff as far as Foresters is concerned believe me !!!. Recommended fitting a replacement pair of Pedders rear shocks and springs. My concerns initially were that maybe the ride height would be different and the car would look imbalanced. Absolutely not true and i have now had Sean / Pedders fit this suspension to my Forester and it has totally transformed the car, drives and handles so much better. Price is unbeatable as well. £342.95 for the pair and currently on sale on Ebay......Look here !!! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/122226501420 What this guy does not know about Foresters is not worth knowing and I highly recommend him. Totally trustworthy and an all round top bloke Sean is based near Enfield, North London and will either fit for you or supply and ship. Whole job took about 30 minutes !!!! Hope this may help anyone in a similar predicament. Brian
  9. Hi Brian, Thanks very much for this advice. I had a hunch it might be a sensor somewhere. I will give that a try and hopefully that will sort it. Brian
  10. I hope one of you guys may be able to help me with this annoying issue on my Subaru Forester 2.0 XE Auto. I intermittently have the green cruise control light flashing at me along with the orange engine management warning. First had this about a year ago and connected my OBD2 scanner to see if there were any fault codes relating to this. There were a few codes so I cleared them all and disconnected, re started engine and all was good. Now about a year later same lights back on again. Connected OBD2 scanner again and this time no codes at all. Disconnected, re started engine and all was good. Now two weeks later lights back on again. As I do a lot of motorway driving where I rely on my cruise control this is a total pain !!!!. Is it maybe a sensor somewhere deep in the engine that needs changing ? Any help or advice greatly received !!! Thanks Brian
  11. Bought my partner a 2.0 XE petrol auto Forester 3 years ago. She absolutely loves it and so do I. 100% reliable, go anywhere vehicle and when it snowed 2 years ago it got us everywhere with no fuss. Totally bombproof and great engineering. Considering buying a new one we are so pleased with it and can't recommend highly enough Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Thanks, will give that a try, fiddly but probably only way
  13. I have a 2006 Forester XE and have noticed quite a lot of condensation beginning to form on the inside of the headlamp unit. Just wondered if anyone has experienced this and if so, does anybody have any advice on how to cure this or is it a common problem. Thanks Brian Benjamin