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  1. Nice one mate. I'm definitely planning to make it too, so will book through here when I've confirmed.
  2. I go to Brands Hatch for the BTCC every year. Really looking forward to seeing the Subaru's race for the first time this season. Is anyone on here planning a meet at Brands?? I've heard of people planning to meet up and park over on the south bank..
  3. A couple of pics from KSOC August meet. Seven of us this month. Nice to see you lot
  4. I'll be there on Saturday 1st. Sounds like Matt will be along too.
  5. Nice to see everyone at the weekend - I managed to rattle off a couple of photos. There was also a great turnout of Scoobies at Bromley Pageant on Sunday, let's make that the June meet next summer. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. What sort of numbers are we looking at for tomorrow then?
  7. I'll be there. Who's meeting at Plumstead? I might join that convoy
  8. 20+ Subaru's on a beach in Kent = Good fun all round!
  9. I'm just reading back over these posts, and it's helped me figure out who is who! @Rodregos, cheers for letting us know about the meet on Sunday. It was quality. Where can I see / post some pictures of the day?
  10. Hello mate welcome. Good choice putting original bonnet back on.
  11. I should be on board for this. I'll travel down with ScoobyGhost
  12. Thanks, very helpful. It seems like a job worth doing. I can imagine its unpleasant - but it's got to be worth it, especially if I still have the car in another 10 years. Will post before & after pics if I get it done this summer.