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  1. In the dark, in the rain, I reversed into a black 2ft high pole (who puts a black pole up in a car park?) Which cracked the plastic scratch guard. Has anyone replaced this, is one readily available, and is it glued on?
  2. My 2012 Outback measures 24 and a half inches from the ground, unladen.
  3. My 2012 Outback measures 24 and a half inches, unladen.
  4. Yep, found it! Great tip, thanks- it was attached to the inside of the fuse box lid. Now to get down to some code cracking.
  5. Read this too, thanks for posting it. Errrr, what keypad? I've only got the two keys that came with car, plus lots of paperwork including original buyers purchase order - not a lot of use with my problem!
  6. Read the link, thanks for that, worth a try.
  7. Thursday. Looked under the carpet, only lead I could find was the cable feeding the electric seat adjustment. Any ideas why the alarm goes off and the engine won't start if I get in by using the key in the door lock?
  8. Thanks for getting back to me. 1. It can take four, five or more attempts to unlock, then can take three or four to lock. If I unlock it by putting the key in the door, the alarm goes off once I get in. Tried putting the fob on the windscreen (Forester suggestion), no difference. 2. I'll have a look for the antenna wire suggestion, thanks for the tip.
  9. Just bought my 2nd Subaru Outback.Had a '05 plater, sold it for a Volvo V 70 - big mistake, only kept it 5 months! found my '12 plater, very pleased with it EXCEPT FOR- intermittent problem with remote locking/ unlocking on the key fobs. Replaced batteries in both, (both low, 2.8v in one! 0.6 in the other. No different, still having probs. Tried unlocking by using key in door, get in, alarm goes off! Any ideas, anyone? NB. No prob with main car battery, starts 1st time every time.
  10. Yes, just got to fathom how to send it! watch this space!
  11. Just bought a 2012 Outback fitted with a Parrot v5.11C, but no instruction manual. Paired up to my cellphone and connects O.K., but I can't find how to make a call! Anyone able to help, please?
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