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  1. Hi mate, Had similar issues with my'n, turned out to be sticking caliper warping the discs...
  2. These gone,? if not I will take buddy,
  3. Its ok I found out its U bracket or subframe front assembly, thanks anyway,
  4. will try scoob thanks, but its rust and age related to if I find one in good condition and put anti rust stuff on it hopefully will be ok!
  5. Hi all, I'm looking for one of these: 50515FE012 Subframe / U Bracket / C Bracket / Front assembly for my 01 WRX Wagon Newage http://opposedforces.com/parts/impreza/en_g11/type_13/other/chassis_frame/illustration_1/ Many Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi all, Unfortunately I have had an MOT and it failed on this rusty bit, and driver side rear shock, Does anyone know what it is? And if so where I can buy a second had replacement? thanks,
  7. Well, I found out what it was! I purchased a STI used anti rock engine thing for £7 from eBay, then took the intercooler off and noticed something wasn't right, The stock one WASN'T BOLTED AT ONE END!!! haha!! Amazing what a difference it made when I attached the STI one and actually bolted it together! haha! What cowboy would forget to attach it??
  8. Hi John, I think that's a great idea, and as there are no real Subaru dealerships in my area any more it would be good to find one locally that has good customer relations and can offer servicing and parts for our Subaru's, Perhaps you can promote your new dealership with some sort of incentives for on the forums like good deal on servicing costs or free MOT when have servicing etc? As for numbers I think normal for these types of events is around 15 > 25 cars, but if your offering food and area to park may be more? Best start may be making a new post on this thread asking who would be interested and provide location and details on what will be provided, http://uk.subaruownersclub.com/forums/forum/44-west-midlands-regional-meets/ Hope this helps, Cheers Ash
  9. If anyone wants to be invited just add me on the xbox then PM me: DarkDreamer3000
  10. And here was me hoping for some virtual beer tokens ! haha
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