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  1. Hi Justin - sounds like Subaru responded to customer feedback - "turn that bl**dy thing off!" Sadly the default on the 2015 OB the Lane Departure defaults back to "on" at each re-start........... unless anyone out there knows of a hack to defeat it.
  2. Hi Andy - thanks for the reply. I can turn it off on the button for a single journey but as the default is "on", when I restart, the damned thing comes back on. What I want is to turn it off completely - it's driving me nuts!
  3. Just picked up a 2015 Outback which is great in all respects except the incredibly irritating Lane departure warning. Is there any way of permanently switching it off, which keeping the other eyesight functions working? The !Removed! thing must beep at least 50 times, just on my way to work! Happy to have the ECU reprogrammed if that's what it takes
  4. Justin, any chance you can share that pdf of a link to it?
  5. Dog guard........assuming you have a dog
  6. Shouldn't smell fuel when you're cranking it, unless you're sniffing the tailpipe! Check for fuel leaks first.
  7. I'm about to change my 2010 outback for a 2015 Diesel auto and fancy a bit more power in the new one. I was going to use Litchfield motors for a remap but it turns out they no longer do scooby diesels. Does anyone have any recommendations, ideally either in the North West, Wales, West, or M4 corridor?
  8. 2010 Subaru Outback SE 2.0 diesel (150hp), Manual, full leather interior. Sunroof. A/C. Bluetooth. Fantastic reliable 4wd estate. 130k miles. Full service history (dealer and independent). Excellent throughout Inc tyres. Only for sale as I've bought another one. Can be viewed in Tarvin (CH3) or Pembroke (SA71) as I commute between the two. Please PM or email jon@tallisweb.co.uk if interested. Private plate not included.
  9. I didn't get the rebuild done, TBH for 3K plus fitting, hassle and a donor car I though I'd stick with my 2011. If going down the recon route, make sure you're dealing with someone who really knows the Subaru engine and has fixed the root cause, otherwise you're wasting your money. As for what year fits, I think the base engine is pretty much unchanged but the later you go the more ancillaries you'll need to change - I wait to be corrected on that
  10. I didn't get any replies but did a bit of research and found as below......all internet based so may be a bit off so perhaps someone will chip in here and correct me..... Weakness would appear to be the bridges in the block that hold the main bearings, these crack leading to a pretty catastrophic loss of oil pressure and crank support. Opinion seems to be mixed as to whether the problem was fixed in the 2011 upgrade or not until 2014 but the post 2010 cars definitely seem less prone. I found a company in Slovenia specialising in repairing the specific weakness. Couldn't find anyone advertising in the UK but the fix ought not to be within the reach of a good engine builder with good machining capabilities. Here's the link to the company in Slovenia. They quoted me around 3000Euro plus carriage to rebuild. https://www.kingsboxerdiesel.com/ Hope this helps.. Anyone else want to chip in?
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