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  1. Cheers matt, the gaskets don't look like too much of an issue, I can find them, it's just the sump pan itself which is a problem to find. Gonna take it off this weekend and have a look at it, at the moment it looks like having it welded is going to be the way to go. Found a couple of justy pans on ebay. But I think the plug on them is in a different position which would mean I wouldn't be able to drain the oil once it was on.
  2. ej20? That's an engine right? Are you saying I should replace the whole engine? That's a little out of my price range.
  3. Cheers for the advice everyone, I'll be checking out those links people have suggested. And also, Mike, I sent you a message about your justy repair manual. Thanks again!
  4. That's a great idea, thanks for the advice. I'll have a look around and see if i can track a justy service manual/ sump. This is actually the first vehicle I've ever owned so it's going to be a bit of a learning curve Oh and here's a photo!
  5. Hello to you all! I've recently purchased a 1992 Subaru sumo 4WD van, beginning to feel like I may have underestimated the complications in owning something so unusual. Took it for a service and found out the sump has corroded and needs replacing. The garage told me they would not be able to source one and so far I've had no luck finding one myself. Haven't even been able to find any kind of workshop or service manual. I'd really appreciate if anybody could give me any tips or advice on the matter. Would be nice to hear from anybody who might have owned one of these in the past! Many Thanks!