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  1. Hi, The E12 I think was produced 1983 to 1993 it was replaced by the Libero 1993 to 1998. If you Google Subaru Sumo the vehicles full history is given. When I imported my E12 from Malta in May this year I was lucky I had original Registration document so managed to get its UK registration OK. Good luck Yorkie G
  2. Hi Subraumo, contact me by email sussexyorkie1@gmail.com
  3. Hi Subraumo, Sorry for delay in replying but been away and just got back. Would love to buy speedo can do a bacs transfer if you like. Please contact me. Thanks Yorkie
  4. Hi, As I said in my post I need a UK speedo for a Sumo, if you have one it would be most helpful. Thanks Yorkie
  5. Hi, Just imported my E12 to UK from Malta where I have owned it since 2004. There are plenty of E10s and a few E12s all sold with windows and classed as a glass panel van. Mine I have known from new it was protectol wax oiled when new and I had done again in 2004. To date it has only done 36,716 miles. Originally it was in Km but I have converted it to mph and while I had the speedo out changed the reading to show miles. The only problem I have is the only overlay I could get goes up to 110mph when it should be 90mph so it reads out the faster you go, so if any one has a spare UK speedo please let me know. I love the car and my son who has his own company valeting and detailing prestige cars spent two days preparing and putting a three stage coat on the paint and it now shines like a mirror. Hope for some replies. Yorkie
  6. Converted the speedo on my E12 Sumo from Km to MPH. Though could do with another overlay with a max of 90mph or a complete used speedo if any one knows of one.