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  1. Tried out an amplifier and the signal is alot stronger but still not perfect. BBC radio 1, 2 and 3 can be found through auto tuning, other channels can be manually found but the quality is not great. Does the antenna itself need replacing?
  2. The old radio works perfectly, do I need a a signal amplifier?
  3. Yeah they're 565cc dark blues as standard on hawk WRXs. The STI pinks are the same cc. The pinks are obviously going to be better but am I really best off spending £100 on refurbs or sticking with the standard dark blues?
  4. Injectors are last on my list before a much needed remap. I'm leaning towards Deatschwerks since the fuel pump is too, but they're a bit expensive. Mine's a Hawkeye WRX so I could go for some refurbished STI 550cc pinks. Are they my best bet? I've seen Bosch, Denso and Grams all do injectors too but I've had no experience with those brands. So, 2 questions: What cc? Realistically with supporting mods I'm hoping for 330hp, so 1000+cc injectors would be overkill. What brand? Deatschwerks (on their American site) have absolutely loads of sizes, 565, 650, 750, 850, 1000, 1200, 1500, 2200... There's too much choice!
  5. After taking out an (unneeded) aftermarket amplifier from my 06 Impreza WRX, I've not been able to find any radio channels. The audio system is all Kenwood, head unit, underseat subwoofer and front & rear door speakers. The static coming from the radio isn't changed when the antenna input is plugged into the head unit or taken out. I'm not that clued up about radios so I'm wondering where the issue is? Has a fuse gone somewhere? Does any part of the antenna need to be replaced? Music comes out perfectly fine when using CDs or Bluetooth. Any ideas?
  6. The bootlid needs no spoiler, the bumper needs to be non STI.
  7. That is a truly beautiful car mate! The turbo bonnet scoop, I need that now. I fitted the spoiler... poorly. Turns out silver is quite hard to do... So let me sort it out and you lot can see how it looks.
  8. Afternoon peeps, does anyone have any recommendations for remappers in the Northwest? Cheers
  9. Ahh I presumed fibreglass was the way forward.. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. http://www.japperformanceparts.co.uk/part_details.asp?ID=100878925 Just ordered this. Will post pics when it's fitted....
  11. HT Autos have some lovely bits and bobs, will definitely be looking at their splitters soon. ABW have 2 lip spoilers... http://www.abwmotorsport.co.uk/#!product/prd1/1641494035/newage-boot-spoiler http://www.abwmotorsport.co.uk/#!product/prd1/4442012711/newage-ducktail-spoiler But they're huge! I'm after something subtle. People have had some luck using an E46 BMW lip spoiler in past....
  12. Anyone know where I can get my hands on a boot lid lip spoiler from...? There are the OEM A-line spoilers, aftermarket lip spoilers from RCM but they aren't for sale anymore or a nice and cheap ebay unbranded one. All to fit a Hawkeye WRX.
  13. Cheers guys! To be honest I preferred the way it sounded before the kit was fitted...
  14. In an ideal world I'd have a cut off exhaust and nothing popping out the back... 4' tip! Damn! How about twin exhausts? I've not seen any for sale mind you...