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  1. Yes I put tesco moment in it although I'm not sure the previous owner did possibly still on some of his fuel. Can that make it lower the boost?
  2. It's a 2004 wrx and I only had the car on the road a week, map was carried out about 8 years ago, there must be somthing bost related tripping it into low boost setting because its only happening after a few hard accelerations
  3. No, no boost controller, iv just got a boost gauge. It won't return to normal until I turn the car off and back on.
  4. Hi iv realised that after driving my impreza for 30 mins or so after a few hard accelerations the boost drops from 14psi to around 7psi. From what I've read this is limp mode but there is no CEL on, car has a cat back exhaust a panel filter and remap. Pulls really nice until boost drops off, after turning car on and off for 5 mins bost I'd back up to normal? Any ideas? Thanks
  5. Okay so iv found scoop tray local to me but it's of a hawkeye wrx will this fit my blobeye wrx?
  6. Okay thanks its still got wrx scoop and tmic as far as I'm aware
  7. Somebody must know ha. I just want to know if it actually does anything to help cooling of the tmic?
  8. I don't have any ducting on my scoop for the tmic, should I? It's a 2004 wrx. Is it okay without one? Thanks
  9. I'd be going to demon tweeks as its local to me but I'll get a price.
  10. Hi I feel the tracking needs doing on 04 impreza so I'm considering having a full 4 wheel alignment is it worth the extra money on an impreza with the limited rear adjustment? Car was put on coilovers by previous owner and I'm guessing never alingned sins.
  11. Hi I'm new to the impreza world, iv just picked up my first one been tinkering the last few days with it, it's a 2004 wrx with cat back, panel filter, bov and remap. Anyway I'm going to install a boost gauge that iv already bought along with a single pilla pod to mount it, only issue is how do I get the vacuum pipe up behind the dash and to the back of my boost gauge neatly? Will it fit though without cutting the dash?