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  1. Could be running too much pressure in it and really and truly the only thing that can cause that is compression leak from head gasket Any modifications to vehicle at all and what model do you have ?
  2. I have 9 tickets for japshow at santapod 2019 if you want a ticket pm me your address and I'll give you my email to pay me via PayPal tickets are £14 a ticket if you need another for passengers you will have to get it one santa pods website
  3. Right guys I have booked the tickets I have 9 more left as i have one I will need people to pm me their address and I will give you my email to pay me for the tickets via PayPal Which is £14 a ticket if you need extra ticket for passenger you will have to go on santapods website to book it
  4. If we don't get any more we can't go as it's a 10 car minimum
  5. So that's 5 now if @savage bulldogs says yes need a minimum of 5 more
  6. Right guys I need to know who's coming to pod and will need payments to get tickets booked for all of us
  7. @scottrobo23 no worries buddy will meet you there
  8. Done ally prep today just finish it off tomorrow and it's not a problem buddy got santa pod on 9th june
  9. Fair enough was going to say I'd help but your in Devon and I'm in Sheffield 🤣
  10. @WideSam why not going to be ready buddy what still needs to be done ?
  11. @mfnick not sure they are did you opt in for the insurance for the ticket so you can get your money back ?
  12. @mfnick what time you leaving buddy was thinking of meeting at woodhall services around 5 if you want and @scottrobo23
  13. I'm planing to get there for 7 when it opens for us
  14. Can meet up if you guys want I will be leaving around half 4-5 ISH as got baby with me now and it's a 2 hour drive