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  1. I'll be up for it but who is organising the events this year ?
  2. I'm looking for some standard roof rails that fit to a Hawkeye wagon don't need them immediately but will need them soon
  3. DaveRAC


    I have the gazebo and @Sclark01 has the banner/flag as I couldn't get it back in my car
  4. DaveRAC


    I already bought it buddy and used it at japshow lol and if you want to donate speak to @GeoffLeggy
  5. DaveRAC


    £40 every one put £20 apart from @GeoffLeggy
  6. DaveRAC


    🤣🤣 Just a bit buddy it will be @GeoffLeggy you need to talk to as he put most of the money.
  7. If we do it soon then we could do it at rother valley
  8. I'm sure I can sort something if we get the numbers
  9. Well so far it's only 3 of us lol but hopefully we will get more
  10. Nice mate we just need a classic and a big and we will have all of them lol
  11. Hi buddy no I haven't you are the first to get back to me but I think that it would be nice to meet up with a few guys on the owners club and I'm on Rotherham too not to sure on where to do it yet
  12. DaveRAC


    Just in case anyone wants to go this year I will be there on the GTOUK stand I will be the odd one out but would be good to see some of you @GeoffLeggy
  13. @GeoffLeggy be there in 25 mins
  14. I'm ony way there now so I will see you there @Sclark01 can you get some burger buns and hotdog rolls please
  15. Hopefully it will be better than this but it's good that I got the gazebo nopte getting burnt