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  1. @savage bulldogs @gemlp82 @Sclark01 @scottrobo23 if you want to come i am taking payments now to book the stand as soon as i get some payments i will book it for anyone else that wants to come let me know and i will add you to the list
  2. south Yorkshire subaru club
  3. at least does it have upgraded turbo at all ? i know the standard ones can handle up to 320bhp
  4. question for you guys iv recently upgraded to front mount intercooler but have still got the oil breather pipes that bolts onto the front of the top mount i am thinking of putting an oil catch can on it to get rid of those pipes at the top and make it more tidier any ideas on what one to get and how to do it on an ej25 engine
  5. i wont be able to do it as working that evening but if you post it on south Yorkshire owners club on Facebook they might be able to help
  6. i wonder how loud it would be with a screamer pipe
  7. well people that i have got comming is, DaveRac, savage bulldogs, gemlp82, sclark01, scottrobo23? tbc newbie who hasn't joined yet
  8. it could be due to the map that it needs to run only on high octane fuel too
  9. well i have a post up for finale so put your name down so i know how many i have to give tickets too
  10. can get a thatcham one fitted by a registered fitter may reduce insurance cost too
  11. well i am going to have a look at getting tickets for all of them if you are interested in it but JAE would be a good one maybe for the kids too?
  12. what impreza model have you got? how long ago did you get the map and what have you changed on the car most recently?
  13. that's the issue was looking at that but was told by a tein dealer that it dosen't fit the wagon model
  14. do you have an aftermarket boost controller fitted to vehicle if so my be worth dropping the max boost down a tad i had the same issue when it hit peak boost it shuts fuel off for a second and then runs normal.