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  1. Hi Tesmil 1 If you insist on a genuine Subaru windscreen is fitted it will be the same as you have now, But will cost you more than standard replacement from any body else. If you can get away with stone chip repair i would if not, Advise what screen you want ie with heater element or they just fit the cheapest sorry cant be of more help.
  2. Hi, Auto-glass came today and filled wind screen chip on my xv, And he said they do a lot of work on cars with camera's and censers especially Ford/ Volvo/ & Vauxhall but this was his first Subaru.
  3. Hi, I changed to new xv in October and have had 2 windscreen chips last xv none in 30 months was told the glass is thinner because of eye-site any body know if this is correct ?