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  1. hi would a go fast dump valve t9100 designed for a classic 99-00 fit onto a 2003 blob, found someone selling one that has come of a classic but he says it will go onto a blobeye. looked on scoobyworld and says classic only, thanks
  2. ok cheers m8, would you go for the vf34 or 35? im not bothered about top end speed as i live in the country so mainly b roads no motorways or anything like that
  3. Ok will have a look into that and take it from there,cheers for the help
  4. Yeah got the de-cat up pipe and whats a tgv delete? Not very good with all the mechanical side of it,cheers
  5. aslomng as i get over the 300 i'll be happy but 320 is the aim, will be getting mapped at area52 in kirkby in ashfield. been there twice before and they've been really good
  6. you think i would get to 320ish with what ive got, quite a big jump from 269
  7. oil and filter done within last few weeks, new iridium 7's put in last week
  8. hi currently own a 2003 impreza wrx running 269bhp, it's got td04 hybrid, full decat, rcm fuel pump, k&n apollo induction kit with a remap. just brought a vf35 and sti injectors to go on and be mapped again. just want to know is there anything else i should get before i map it? aiming for 320ish if possible,thanks
  9. hi guys so at the minute iv'e got a 2003 wrx with TD04 hybrid RCM fuel pump K&N apollo induction kit full decat raptor back box remapped running 279bhp but i want to get around 320ish so looking at new turbo with sti injectors then remap, would i need any other mods and which is the better turbo in people's opinions the vf34 or vf35. im assuming there's not much difference but the 35 seems to be half the price than the 34, appreciate any help and input
  10. hi looking for afterburner raptor backbox for 2003 blob , close to grantham or if you could post would be great,cheers
  11. hi iv'e got 2 personalised plates on retention and just want to know a rough price of what they would be worth, first one is PB53 WRX and the other is W11 WRX. i know people will say they are worth what someone is willing to pay but just wanted an idea of a rough idea of what to ask for,cheers
  12. Yeah was a genuine part, a denso sensor with the exact same part number as the old one
  13. Hi looking for some help again, so had a bad misfire for a few weeks now, replaced spark plugs and coilpacks but still the same, unplugged the maf sensor and the misfire went away so assumed that was the issue, so brought a new one and the misfire is still there, the new maf did bring up 2 new codes though, P0113 and P0102, hope someone can give some idea as what to do next, car is a 2003 wrx. Cheers
  14. ok cheers for the help much appreciated
  15. so if i fitted it tommorow would be fine until it is remapped next month
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