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  1. Gazza1379

    walbro 255 fuel pump

    ok cheers for the help much appreciated
  2. Gazza1379

    walbro 255 fuel pump

    so if i fitted it tommorow would be fine until it is remapped next month
  3. afternoon all so long story short been told i need a remap, thought since it's being mapped i may aswell upgrade the fuel pump to the walbro 255, i just want to know will i need a map as soon as it's fitted or will it be ok for a couple of days, i know it will run like **** until it's mapped just need to know if it's safe,car is a 2003 wrx ppp. cheers
  4. hi guys im looking for some help, so i have a really bad misfire which started a few weeks ago, iv'e plugged in the code reader and comes up with misfire cylinder 2, so i cleaned the MAF sensor, put in brand new plugs and changed the coil pack on that cylinder but it's made no difference, iv'e taken it to the garage today and the only advice they could give me was to change all the coil packs and see if that helps, should i do that or is there something i could look at cheers, impreza wrx 2003
  5. Gazza1379

    should i remap

    so finally got round to putting them new plugs in last week but no change, on my way back today the engine management light came on so plugged in the code reader and has come up with cylinder 2 misfire, where should i go from here,thanks
  6. so just went to change my gear knob and found this, looks like the end has snapped off and they've glued it back on, the end bit is glued into the gearknob, do i need a new gear stick
  7. Gazza1379

    should i remap

    cheers for that, just ordered some new plugs so will give that a go
  8. Gazza1379

    should i remap

    cheers for the help guys, gonna have to find out what it is before i start changing things, would upgrading the spark plugs to performance one's make any difference? there just the normal cheap one's that were put in when it was serviced a few months back , read on another site about someone losing power so they upgraded there plugs and it solved the problem
  9. Gazza1379

    should i remap

    i checked the codes and nothing came up, spark plugs were changed around 6 weeks ago so wouldn't think it would be them, i do have a boost gauge but haven't noticed anything wrong there, will definetly get it sorted before i start changing things, decided to go for the vf35 after having a look around, what does it mean when it says 16g or 20g, would it be a straight swap with mine or would i need to modify a few things to get it in
  10. Gazza1379

    should i remap

    ok will do, while iv'e got you here iv'e got a quick question since you obviously know your stuff, had a power problem for a few weeks now which seems to be getting worse, put your foot down in 3rd gear and as soon as it hit 3k revs it felt like someone was pressing the brake, i know the power is there but can feel it holding back, hard to explain but its as if you put your foot down and there's 50 people grabbing your rear bumper pulling you back lol, it's now doing it in 1st 2nd and 3rd, was told coil packs but had them checked and there all fine, any idea's
  11. Gazza1379

    should i remap

    ok i'll have a look around for second hand turbo and injectors, thanks for the help again.
  12. Gazza1379

    should i remap

    so just had a look at mine, it's a TD04 20g. what would you do if you was me and was aiming for over 300bhp
  13. Gazza1379

    should i remap should i be looking for something like this, seems very cheap to other turbo's iv'e looked at, cheers
  14. Gazza1379

    should i remap

    ok i'll have a look in the week just to double check what iv'e got, thanks for all the help much appreciated, i'll speak to you in the week
  15. Gazza1379

    should i remap

    Yes I definetly want to break the 300hp mark that's my target, what turbo would you recommend and is it just a straight swap or is it more complicated, cheers