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  1. Thanks Mr B, will do. I did have a number of metal items in the storage between the front seats. I have been advised that there is a sensor under there that can sometimes cause an issue . So ive removed them and will see how it goes will have a look at the diagrams. Cheers Rob
  2. This is intermittent, car starts normally but no power to centre console, radio,satnav,info, heated seats, front and back wipers, 12v. Sockets. I have had it come back on while driving. I have checked some of the fuses and they are ok. Not mechanically or electrically minded but doesn't make much sense that so many circuits can be affected. Any advice gratefully received. Thanks
  3. RobJE


    Electrickery! as Cat Weasel would say ( for those old enough to remember the series) I went to pick up sensor this morning and after the check engine light being on for week it's now gone off. Started and driven the car about 20 times this morning and there's no warning lights. Shall I or shan't I . lets go to work and think on it . Cheers
  4. RobJE


    Oh looks like it but I've got one coming in the morning. If it's not the right one I'll have punt at the used one. Cheers mate.
  5. RobJE


    hi. I just had a look. Its good site. Unfortunately they don't have my part. There seemed to be some confusion over the part number as well. They said the number I gave them was for a rear sensor but it's the number the Subaru dealer quoted me and that is for front passenger side? 22056AA091 cam sensor. Thanks for the info .
  6. Hi all. Has anyone had any recent experience of using non Subaru parts in particular sensors. I need a cam sensor for forester 2.0 turbo 2003. fast parts £115 Subaru agent £185 ish
  7. RobJE


    Ok thanks Mr B; I will have a look through and see what I can find. Cheers
  8. OK. Thanks v much mate. I am getting checked tomorrow hopefully. I would have took me and Mrs out today being BH. We'll have to go to the pub instead. These things are sent to try us. Real ale here I come! Cheers
  9. Hi . managed to get a pic. the light is on when I start and stays on . It doesn't flicker its solid. cheers
  10. Hi . it is orange/Yellow and looks like an engine symbol . I'm not the best with I.T and computer stuff sorry. I can't seem to get a picture for you. cheers.
  11. Hi would anyone know exactly what this warning light is flagging up. I believe that it stands for on board diagnostic and monitors the emissions. I think that it is only fitted to European cars. My 2003 forester 2.0 xt had this light come on yesterday. I haven't got a code reader. The car has been very recently serviced and drives spot on. Am I taking a risk driving it with this light on. Cheers
  12. Hi Guys. Driving to work this morning noticed engine symbol lit up. car drives ok. I've turned car on and off a few times but light stays on. car has had a very recent full service. Is this symbol to do with emissions or does it flag up other issues. Is it risky to drive it with this on. obviously I am going to get it checked . If anyone has had any similar issues I would be interested with your views. I think this symbol is a On Board Diagnostic symbol but not sure exactly what it is saying is wrong. Cheers.
  13. RobJE


    Cheers mate. I will give that try. It makes sense; no pun intended
  14. Hi all. I have had the fozzy for just over month and after starting her up on about 6 or 7 occasions the ABS and brake lights have stayed on for the duration of the drive. The next time I've started the car the lights haven't come on. This has been the case on each time; the lights haven't come on consecutive drives. Is it a dodgy sensor and if so how big deal is it to sort. Any advice much appreciated. Cheers.
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