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  1. Installed radio and speakers: Ambient aka the Royal Albert Hall now.
  2. Car Audio installation

    I found local garage briancarsounds to install the audio + speakers. I think the price is reasonable, quality of installation is good. No complaints. The guys suggested Audison Prima speakers at the front. and the radio I bought myself Kenwood DPX-7000DAB Car Stereo Sound is amazing plus hands free functionality. 2 pairs of speakers (£150) installation work head unit (£50) speakers (£100) => Total £300
  3. Guys, could you advice on good local to Sutton (SM1) area car audio shop to install head unit and choose and install speakers for my Forester? Thanks.
  4. New member

    Few more pictures. Those are website photos made by David, but I like them. and one more. The car has it's name already Lulu and become a family member instantly. Every body loves it. Thanks guys.
  5. New member

    Hello guys,First post here. I was thinking about Forester for some time now. It's not a common car here in Surrey and it has charisma. So on 1st of April I bought one from David at goodmayesmotors. Subaru Forester XT 2002 imported from Japan 32000 ml on the clock, clean with beautiful unusual amber seats and big sunroof.The car drives nicely! Unusual high position, very quick and the engine is virtually silent compare to my Honda Civic 1.8 I had before.I feel very excited to start exploration of something completely new to me.