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  1. It’s starting to develop into nsr under load. Think you’re right. Failed bearing / installation . Main dealer fitted too.
  2. Doesn’t increase with corner loading. Near side rear one got done on warranty
  3. Got a couple of problems: whirring noise from rear increasing with speed, diff oil is good, wonder if the centre prop bearing / support could be the culprit leaning out / hesitant under medium throttle. Suspected a worn throttle position sensor then it self healed 🤔 came back today and worse. Not really responding properly in medium / heavy throttle below 3200rpm. the car has covered 77k with a good history file. I bought it in December. given the mileage, I’m wondering if there are known common issues to point me in the right direction
  4. cooltide

    freelander 2

    FL2 is supposed to be the most reliable land rover product in recent years. Not that the bar is set too high. Check out landyzone's freelander section for an idea of what goes wrong. References to hippo are FL1
  5. Wow that you some figuring out. Don't work putting URL into insert other media tab, but pasting URL straight into reply does
  6. Thankyou for the advice. I think I adjusted from 3.5mm and it is around 1.5mm toe now (difference from front of rim to back). It has made a big difference but I think it needs a touch more winding off so thanks for that Mr.b An engineer had a Tribeca when I worked on dalkieth bypass which he rated, but I haven't seen many since. This one was first registered in Scotland so it could be the same car. Don't think the Tribeca would win any beauty contests unless they had a bit of a minger category. Think our old foresters could have entered too. Don't stop us coming back for more. I'll see if I can get a pic uploaded but I warn you its in bland silver. Does seem a rare model. Narrowly missed out on an 07 outback 3.0 and then a gorgeous white 3.6r which would have broke the bank before we ended up with this. Even at 24mpg and £505 tax I quite like it and my better half is finally happy after a few disappointing cars since we let our 2.5xt go. Thanks all for the welcome. I'll be back to pick your brains no doubt
  7. Anyone got the info on front wheel tracking alignment for the Tribeca 2007 please? Mine is toeing in and starting wearing the outside of the front tyres. after a slight adjustment it is driving better but I think it still maybe out.
  8. Hi, thanks for having me. Have recently bought a b9 Tribeca though I was looking for an outback flat 6. The price and condition were right so I went for it. Have owned foresters and a brat in the past and my wife was particularly upset at the loss of her 2.5xt auto forester so here we are with a Tribeca. Hope it is as reliable as the other Subaru's we have owned. It does have a couple of issues that I need to work through. Front wheel alignment seemed to be toeing in quite a bit. I have adjusted it and it has improved considerably but I think it can go a touch more towards parallel. Anyone know if the Tribeca is meant to run parallel or with a bit of toe-in? I have the occasional p0420 post cat sensor. I think there is a slight misfire at low revs / high gears so I'm going to start with the awkward plug change. I must review the history but the I recall the last service in Jan the guy had written on the invoice that he hadn't changed the plugs so maybe he knew there was an issue. Don't think it is pinking.