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  1. That’s all a bit worrying, as I’ve got arthritis in my back, but no problem during a 5 min test drive in a GT86. I do daily exercises for it, which tends to keep it in check.
  2. Unless she’s exceedingly understanding, I expect that you’re looking for a new wife as well 😀
  3. A guy, probably 50 yo, really into rally cars, at work, had an Impreza, he got rid of it and bought a Jag for the comfort.
  4. Still haven’t decided about a purchase and with the lockdown, glad that I haven’t bought a car just to sit in my drive as I’m self isolating! Thus, can someone please explain why the BRZ is about £3000 more expensive than the GR86?
  5. If it’s got “new discs and pads all round” AND it’s “super low (3715 ) mileage 2016 BRZ” then it’s probably been hammered on the track! One to avoid, me thinks.
  6. Can’t you block the IP address? Mine came from:- DR.BISON
  7. Sorry for the delay in replying but thanks for all your replies. I've still not bought a car yet, was just about to but now I have a back ache, so the BRZ may not be the best choice. To sum up, from your posts, it looks like a general mpg of 37 and over 40 if you keep the revs down.
  8. Thanks for the updates Aussie.
  9. I thought that Subaru designed the car but Toyota did the engine management, am I wrong? Additionally, is it built completely by Subaru, and Toyota just alter the suspension on their GT86?
  10. Aussie Ed, where did you buy your BRZ and what do you think of the dealer?
  11. Just a shame about the size of the boot door, for a sports car the boot, especially with the rear seats down, is quite large. I had hoped that it would be a hatchback, but I suppose that would diminish the rigidity of the chassis?
  12. This figure is quoted in the pdf that I obtained from this link:- I can't remember how I found the link. However, the brochure that my Subaru garage sent me and the download link that Subaru sent me both state that the combined mpg is at least 36 and agrees with the Toyota figure.
  13. Subaru state that the combined mpg is 25, whereas Toyota state that their GT86 is 36!!! They are basically the same car but the Toyota figure does sound rather low, so I wonder if anyone has experience of driving a BRZ?
  14. Jacking up the car is a bit tedious but not a problem, but the tricky bits are lowering the gearbox onto my chest, I once dropped it onto my face, and offering up the gearbox after replacing the clutch. The only time that the latter was easy was when I aligned the splines using an old input shaft, the other thing that I did on a Sierra clutch was to file a tiny chamfer on the back end of the clutch splines.
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