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  1. Anti-entrapment problem

    Thanks for your suggestions. Tried them both but with no success. I can close the window, ignition off. Wait a while. Ignition back on. hold the up switch and the window just drops. Urgh !!!
  2. Anti-entrapment problem

    Drivers door window goes up, then immediately drops 10cm. Have to lower it completely and then just nudge it up very slowly to closed. Even holding the up button with 6mm still to go causes it to close and then drop. This is a real pain in driving rain. Anyone know of a re-set trick ?
  3. Subaru XV satnav problem

    Cruise control has started working again but the Home button on the Pioneer system doesn't work. When switching on the display goes straight to radio without showing the Subaru welcome screen. Menu button doesn't give options - just stays on radio. Is there a re-set button or does the car have to go to the dealer ?
  4. Subaru XV satnav problem

    Satnav will not display. Is there a re-set ? At the same time, the CC has stopped working. It will switch on but it's not possible to set the speed/ Co-incidental ??
  5. Satnav has decided not to display. At the same time the CC has stopped working. Any ideas ??
  6. Spare Wheel for XV

    So, do we have a consensus of opinion yet ? Golf or WRX ?
  7. Winter wheels & tyres

    Good summary Chris. Anecdotes about winter tyres abound. I used to have a BMW 320 (2wd). On winters, it was certainly better on ice and in the snow than my Legacy on standard tyres ! However, when I fitted winters to the Legacy Must now fit winters on the XV......just need to find a set of 16"/17" wheels at a reasonable price. Oh, and I must source a space-saver spare as well.
  8. Winter wheels & tyres

    Chris, when you have chance, would you check the tyre size in your picture, please. They look like 16" rime with a deep tyre wall to maintain same diameter as the standard 225/55 R17's..... Thanks
  9. Winter wheels & tyres

    The Geolanders do not have the snowflake mark so are not allowed in parts of Europe where winter tyres are compulsory. Does anyone know if Subaru Outback or Forester wheels fit the XV ??