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  1. RommelPL

    2007 Outback key button does not work.

    If I will quickly replace batery in my key, do I need to re-program it? Because battery in my key is going low... Thanks
  2. RommelPL


    ah, okay, haha. 550 for kit with SLS is still not a lot. Thanks again!
  3. RommelPL


    " Talk about egg on face. " - sorry mate, I didn't get this sentence :D Less slang please, I'm still learning British English :)
  4. RommelPL


    I found that site also, but I found only rear suspension kit, 82 pound for one front absorber its a little bit suspicious... Quality is ok? EDIT: I just found on polish forum informations about those company, Guys using it in XT Foresters, and winning competitions, so it should be okay :) Thank you very much!
  5. RommelPL


    Hello guys I'm looking for online shop, where I can buy whole suspension for Outback... Unfortunately everywhere where I'm looking there's nothing else, only Scoobie, Legacy and Forester. I found Sachs on eurocarparts, and few kits on ebay:|Model%3AOutback&hash=item4ada884004:g:V5cAAOSwQItT7-V4|Model%3AOutback&hash=item3393eb7464:g:784AAOSwQItUHz6I Maybe somebody will tell me something about that company, BC? Because I'm not familiar with that company... First time ever heard. And also those two have different mountings on top (Without Top Mount / Pillowball Top Mount) - so that mean I need to buy also top mount? Could you please also tell me what means type RA/VL, or provide me any website when I can educate myself about that? And last thing - which one will fit my 2006 2,5 Outback? :D To be honest I get used to one thing - cars for British market are sometimes different than for EU market, and I'm not talking only about RHD/LHD ;) Because I bought KONI set fot my Polish Fiest ST, and it was different. Thank you!
  6. RommelPL

    rims for Outback

    Hello I'm looking for nice rims, 17 inches, for my Outback. 5x100 , unfortunately STI have 114 and I found nice rims with that PCD :( Offset Et 48 or smthng simmilar. Thanks
  7. RommelPL

    plastidip interior trim

    I had rims in Plastidip, from April till November - It was pretty good. About 20 washing and nothing happened. But you need to make sure what you are buying - it must be original Plastidip.
  8. RommelPL


    I just bought a Outback, so I need to start my modifications ;]
  9. RommelPL


    Thanks Mark, I will check that. I was looking on gumtree and autotrader. I've spoke with Eric few days ago, but unfortunately he doesn't have sunroof, and that's quite important for me. Third photo was made in Croatia, on Rab Island. I didn't know about that route, that wasn't on GPS, so I decided to just go forward, after 45 minutes path becomes very thin. Later one guy told me is only quads path, and about 20 peoples come to see me, because on the end was a locked gate, and I asked owner to opened it for me, because I was late for dinner. Mark D - I'm not familiar with that level of offroad. Since I come to England, I realised - Monty Python is not a comedy, is a documentary about England, and everything here is upside down - traffic dirrection, bus stops, laws(I was a lawyer in Poland), I cannot use 'continental' logic here - but please tell me, that car shouldn't lay on the roof, or this is a proper way for offroading in England?
  10. RommelPL


    Hello My name is Michal, aka Michael. Originally from Poland. My last Subaru was 2010 Forester 2,5X Limited Us Spec, I've sold it in October 2015 before I came to England. After one year here, i decided to go back again to Outback, I really hate my Seat Leon... I'm looking for nice Outback 2004-2007, 2,5 Premium(because insurance cost with 3.0 will kill me - last time I payed in Poland for my Forester 80 pounds per year ...). Last 3 days I watched 3, and I'm very dissapointed. I'm still have my Fiesta ST 2006 in Poland and GSF 1200 Bandit here, I also love all kinds of offroad(motocross and enduro especially), but its really hard to do this in England. In Poland or Ukraine just go to mountains or forest, and thats it(now in Poland its much harder, especially in West Poland, because a lot of German and Dutch turist get used to come and do offroading in Poland, and Police is now everywhere). In Ukraine is even easier, when Milita will catch you, just pay 10 dollars per capita, and you can continue your ride... Airsoft, paragliding and scuba diving is also that's what I like. I had a lot of bikes(staring from honda vt 500 shadow, Aprilia Pegaso, Bandit 600, Bandit 1200, Vstrom 1000, KTM lc4, Ktm sx 125, Ktm sxf 250, BMW g450x), some cars like BMW 5 series, Sclass 500(also Rover 25 - well....), nothing was better than Subaru. Apologies for my English, still a lot of need to be imporve. Some photos, and I'm think is enough for intruduce. Hope I will not be pain on the as.