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  1. Using Oil and EM light Issues - Please help.

    Hi Savage, No I haven't got any other gauges I'm afraid. Thanks for the oil degradation suggestion. Just out of curiosity - if my PCV valve was blocked completely, would the extra pressure in the crankcase cause the oil to breakdown quicker? Also, It might be a daft question but could I put nano-drive 5w40 in my engine? I have read about it and been wondering for a while, so just going to ask your opinion. Thanks again. Trev
  2. Using Oil and EM light Issues - Please help.

    Hi Sandals, thanks you for the suggestion - I will be sure to have a look. Even if parked for a while hot or cold I don't see any engine oil spots on the floor. Would this drip down onto the floor is it was this?
  3. Using Oil and EM light Issues - Please help.

    Thanks buddy, still quite high then. How would I go about getting it checked? Or checking it myself? I don' get any blue smoke or or continuous clouds of smoke out the exhaust. Would you have any idea as to why it stops after an oil and filter change? Thanks in advance.
  4. Using Oil and EM light Issues - Please help.

    I would estimate around 700ml per 1000 miles. I do a lot of rush hour start and start driving and been told this increases consumption, but this is excessive, right? With regards to the soot, they all have some black soot on them, but none seem worse than the other. Last time I had the tmic off it was none dry. I need to take it off again to look at the PCV so I'll have a look and let you know. Thanks to you both for your input so far. Thanks, Trev
  5. Using Oil and EM light Issues - Please help.

    This was filmed the last time it made the noise under boost - before the last oil and filter change.
  6. Using Oil and EM light Issues - Please help.

    So these are the old standard WRX plugs that the engine was run in on, before I changed as per my original post. I wonder if anyone can see any alarming signs on these plugs? These were in for around 8k. Any signs on it burning oil that might suggest my rings are gone etc? On the box I wrote the following to identify: DF - Drivers Front (1) DR - Drivers Rear (3) PF - Passengers Front (2) PR - Passengers Rear (4) (As you look at the car in the UK). Thanks in advance.
  7. Using Oil and EM light Issues - Please help.

    Thanks Stuartie, that's a relief to know that it's normal for the mag plug to have a bit of sludge on it. Yeah no big pieces of metal, I rubbed it between my fingers and didn't even feel grainy, just very sticky. Thanks for your help buddy.
  8. Using Oil and EM light Issues - Please help.

    Thanks mate. I did find it on there, but it doesn't have the plastic housing just the metal valve piece. Is this okay to screw into the plastic housing? Glad to hear its not just me with the metallic sludge - hope its okay for the both of us.
  9. Afternoon all, so I have a 2006 Blobeye Impreza WRX. I had a full rebuild around 8k ago now, and things have been fine up until the last two months or so. I now have the following issues that any advice would be greatly appreciated on: 1 - My car boosts fine following an oil and filter change, but after around 1.5-2k it starts to make a strange noise after around 5-7psi of boost. After an oil and filter change it then boosts up to 19psi with no issues or noise. 2 - My car is using oil - a lot! Every week I seem to be topping up oil levels. I have took the filler cap of whilst running and no puffs of smoke, since owing the car (one year in January2018) it has had 5 oil changes, with magnetic sump plug fitter after the first. Which when I change has a small amount of what I can only describe as magnetic sludge on it. No metal partials, just a very fine dust like sludge. This scares me! But reading around I have read that it could be the new bearings wearing in??? I have also read about the PCV valve and that this can increase oil use. Is this true? and where do you find this part in the UK I've looked everywhere! I have part numbers 11819AA001 and 11810AA000 and can only find and import from America - what! My car is also not smoking at all on start up. Condensation yes, but no blue smoke, and when I try and rev or boost higher than just normal driving I don't get clouds of smoke either. Turbo and seals okay I believe? 3 - If i drive at a constant speed/engine load (by this I mean RPM) of above 3k in any gear I get a flashing engine management light - the worst! I've researched and found that this is a misfire. Specifically on an OBD reader is cylinder one. I have done the following to try and rectify it with no success: 1) New set of NGK Iridium Plugs. I've gone for PFR7 (standard STI plugs) as I have a few mods including a ECUtek map that is only running 275bhp, with approximately 19psi of boost. Now I gaped these plugs to 0.65, but then now read that they are 0.7 as standard. Could this be the fault? I have also changed the coil for another one that I had from an STI Intake that I bought, and has not resolved the issue, or changed the cylinder. 4 - when idling from a cold start it idles very well and consistently. When driving if I drop my clutch, the engine speed drops and nearly stalls (<300rpm approx) and then catches itself and increases, it never actually does stall. I have had my MAF sensor out and cleaned this, but made no difference. Now I am no mechanic at all, but I am handy with a spanner and willing to learn, so I hope I haven't embarrassed myself here. This is my first Subaru, and first performance car so please be nice guys. Any advice is greatly appreciated. This is also my daily driver and does around 150-170 miles per week. Thanks in advance, Trev P.S. list of mods: -Rebuilt short block with V7 Pistons, new rings and V10 rods. Honed block and built to a tolerance of "two thou" (so I am told). Re-skimmed heads and pressure tested before fitting. All usual gaskets and seals replaced and including Crank and big end bearings. -Full decat exhaust with ninja two backbox -inner wing induction system - with clean K&N filter -ECUTek remap at 275bhp (tested at Corten Miller - Lincolnshire) after run in of new build - BC Coilovers - hard ride! - Standard Recirculation valve - Silicone hoses all round except turbo intake - doing when I next work on the car Exedy Stage two organic clutch fitted with rebuild Using Subaru Black JDM Oil filter and 5-40 Fully Synthetic Castrol Titanium oil - Planned mods: JDM STI intake with Subaru TGV deletes and STI Pink injectors (bought), and maybe a rebuilt turbo expenses and fiancee permitting lol, and then remap to suit.
  10. Engine Rebuild - correct running in procedure?

    Thanks very much. Somebody mentioned to change the oil after the initial 50 miles.
  11. Evening all, What's are your thoughts on the correct running in procedure after a fully engine rebuild? Any and all thoughts welcomed. Thanks, Trev
  12. Engine internals...

    Evening all, Your expertise would very much be appreciated once again. I have a spare engine short block that I picked up cheap and I wondered if you could help me identify the internals. The rods have BKG KG6 and B1R 1R7 stamped on them. I've looked at the bottom of the pistons and they are smooth so I believe that means they are forged. They also have HF stamped on them. I did also see what looked like -4 on one, but the block is still assembled so can be hard to see. Any advice would be great! Thanks in advance. Trev
  13. Exedy Stage 1 Clutch

    That's great! Thank you for your opinions, very much appreciated!
  14. Exedy Stage 1 Clutch

    Hi all, First impreza owner here, and I would really appreciate your thoughts on replacing an 05 blobeye WRX standard clutch to an Exedy Stage 1 3 peice kit. I've heard that at slow speeds they can judder quite a lot. What's your thoughts and experiences. Much appreciated. Trev