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  1. Hello everyone.I own a 2006 Subaru Forester 2.0X(european version/158hp)naturally aspirated.I am curious if i can turn my aspirated engine in a turbo one.The EJ20 which is mounted on 2006 X,is also in turbo boosted edition on 2003-2005 Forester or on the 'Bugeye" Impreza.I want to know if I can make an engine swap ,mounting an EJ20turbo on my car,or if I can make my own engine turbo. If I will try to modify my engine,which parts I should change,and how much it will cost(approximate price).I am not sure if I must change my transmission or the gearbox,taking in consideration that the power o
  2. Hello everybody.I have another question for you.I hope that you can help me now :D . I want to change my OEM 16" wheels with some bigger wheels (17" or 18" ).I own a 2006 Forester 2.0 X.I know that the bolt pattern for this model is 5*100 ,and the ET sizes are between 38-50(I am not sure). I don't want to spend a lot of money on brand-new wheels.I have around (350-450 pounds to spend).I think that I won't keep this car more than 2 years,but I think that bigger rims are good upgrades for my car.And i also need and want new tires...which are pretty expensive. I don't know if Volkswagen
  3. Hello everybody.I'm a newcomer and I'm proud to be part of Subaru Owners Club.I'm from Romania,and I own a 2006 Subaru Forester 2.0. I have a question for you now.I don't know that anyone can help me,but I'm gonna try.My car hasn't leather seats.I want to change them,and I hope that I can find a damaged car with leather seats.But I can find only pre facelift models(from 2003)..I want to know if that seats match with my car.If you can told me a price,or anybody tried that,I'm gonna be grateful to share your experience with me. And sorry for my english.I hope that you can understand me...Ha
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