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  1. The reason i ask is i have a turbo 2000 that had diff and box fluids changed 5 k ago and after a spirited 90 minute drive over the weekend i have a loud high pitched hum / whine coming from the front nearside. could this be a wheel bearing problem?
  2. sounds like a nice little project, are you going to start a build thread for this? i picked up my 2001 uk turbo 2000 PPP about 2 weeks ago now and loving mine!
  3. Thanks scooby ghost. what sort of cost would I be looking at for an ecuteck map? I presume I would have to buy the license to be used on my car?
  4. Hello guys and girls, my uk turbo 2000 has the prodrive performance pack. i am with wondering if I install a performance panel filter and decat downpipe can my ppp ecu be remapped to get the best out the mods?
  5. Thanks guys, and thanks matt I will check under the carpet when I get a chance. Drives very well and does feel quick. Although this is my first Subaru so nothing really to compare it to.....
  6. yes it does, i believe it also has the prodrive performance pack too.
  7. Hello ladies and gents, I have recently purchased a Y reg Mica red UK Turbo 2000 to replace my Honda civic EP3 and so far i am very impressed! i have some questions and some digging to be doing around the forum so im sure i will start a build thread or similar soon.
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