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  1. starting the car up I noticed after around 15 minutes of the engine being on the car started to idle roughly and there was a stronger smell of petrol before the car completely cut out. I started it again but it would just keep cutting out unless i held the revs up. The whole journey home the car would cut out when I was slowing down for lights or roundabouts as the revs dropped. The battery has been ran flat recently if that could be linked with this? Any ideas?
  2. Just after some opinions on the best coilovers for a daily driven hatchback sti?
  3. Anyone on here from Cumbria wanna know if there is any meets!?
  4. I have a cat’d exhaust now with no backbox which is sounding to loud for my liking at the moment wanna go quieter but not stock quiet just somewhere in the middle. Want to avoid loosing power aswell I’ve looked at Milltek but they’re expensive, is it worth just have a backbox welded to my current? Just looking for options if anyone has any ideas
  5. That would be great! When is it you get your new ones? And how much would you want for them? :)
  6. Anyone selling or know where I can buy some? Doesn’t matter if they need refurbished
  7. Does anyone know where I can find these mats? They are standard for my Hatch STI but can’t seem to find them anywhere. I bought a full set from Subaru for £55 but my passenger mat has now been damaged and needing replaced. I wouldn’t want to buy a full set again.
  8. Does anyone know the paint colour of the manifolds on the STI's? Mines got a chip and just looking to touch it up.
  9. Great looking beast HA!.

    1. LoveScoobys


      Could also take it to the Live Fast and Furious next year especially with all that power under the hood scare the daylights out of everyone:blink:

    2. cornish6544


      haha japfest first!

    3. LoveScoobys


      When Is the next Japfest?

  10. Thanks! It only has a Perrin intake upgrade and exhaust from cat back done. Engine built to 400 for whenever I want to go there in the future but I want to enjoy it for now!
  11. Got my cars final map done today at Scooby Clinic after the engine build they done for me and its produced an impressive 350BHP and 390 Torque for its mods, can't believe how much power they managed to get out of it I can't recommend them enough. Top work, very quick replies on any social media, always happy to help, I am very happy to now go and enjoy the car at last! :)
  12. Does anyone know where I can find these floor mats? they were the original ones for my 2010 sti but I cant seem to find them!
  13. I would be extatic with 340 I’m Just after the factory standard 330 as I will have to run the car on 97 fuel due to where I live
  14. I’ve no doubt that 99 fuel does make a difference but I’m curious how much we are talking. I have no choice but to run Esso supreme 97 but I’m thinking my car should still produce 330bhp as Subaru map them with 97 fuel?
  15. The car is currently getting built at scooby clinic after the dreaded ringland failure and while it's a 400bhp build I'm not actually going for the power yet just building the engine for the future. It is a 330s with very basic mods like Perrin inlet and custom exhaust not sure if it has got a sports cat or normal. Just wondering what kind of power to expect as I was expecting to see it pretty much stay at 330 as it was running 329 with a piston down.