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  1. 2003 Black WRX STi

    So this last week I've had all the seats out so I could wet vac all the carpets and seats properly. Been round the car with ValetPro Enzyme Odour Eater to try to get rid of the tobacco smell then wet vac'd with a mixture of carpet shampoo and some Flash Febreeze APC. Just waiting for a new cabin filter to be delivered to I can swap that as the one that came out was minging!! Next up is to sort the suspension. I've bought a set of OEM Shocks and Springs to replace the XYZ Coilovers as it drives awful at the minute. Also wire in a KPH to MPH converter to get it reading correctly again.
  2. Only had the car 5 days but eager to get started on it. Had a free hour today so spent it polishing up the exhaust and some of the boot using Auto Finesse products. I'll add more photo's as I work around the car.
  3. Just collected my first scooby

    I think I'd take the stickers off and the alloy protectors. Would look much better in my opinion.
  4. Onto my Second Impreza

    Thanks mate. I don't think the Coilovers are that old. I only picked the car up on Monday and not had a good look through the file of paperwork yet. From what I was told they are for a classic really but he manufactured some brackets to suit this model. I could have that completely wrong though!! I'm always up for a deal mate as long as I can get a bit of money back for the Coilovers so I'll let you know how things progress.
  5. Hi all. I owned a 2000 Classic around 5 years ago which I had to sell on due to an insurance mix up at the time. No other car has ever given me the same grin factor and new I would own another one. I've been looked for a few months and then one appeared locally exactly what I was looking for and I had to have it. I have a company car so this will be a weekend toy and something to enjoy in the summer. It has a few bits that need sorting on it so no doubt I'll be asking a few questions on here as I'm not mechanically minded. Suspension needs sorting - It has XYZ Coilovers and the steering is heavy for about half a turn either way then it lightens up. Would like to change back to standard setup ideally. Clock cluster has been swapped to a JDM one so reads in KPH so need a converter or swap the clocks back to standard. Install hydraulic struts for the bonnet Hopefully I'll be able to get to some meets/shows this year and meet some of you. Cheers Pete