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  1. @Pixyflash Yeah I only have the 2 settings. Not the tow settings, which I'm not bothered about. I spoke to subaru and if you have all 4 tyres exactly the same. And the awd warning light keeps coming on, then that's when they need to change the DCCD controller because its too sensitive. As @david1972 posted. Changing to a different set of tyres that aren't the recommended dunlops, shouldn't cause the AWD warning to come on.
  2. @Pixyflash When I press the tyre pressure button. It gives me tpms1 and Tpms2. So how do you reset it?
  3. @david1972 Thanks for your help mate. It has actually sorted itself out but I'll be questioning them about it. What I've noticed is that with the new wrx sti, it takes a while to register anything new. Even when you put fuel in. Even when the tyre pressure warning come on, and then you top them up, it still takes a while to recognise normal pressure.
  4. @david1972 Seeing as mine is still under warranty, does this mean it should be changed by the subaru dealer who sold it to me?
  5. @david1972 Yeah that'll be annoying. Can you remember his name? I can't find the post.
  6. A few days ago my awd warning light came on and the diff screen vanished. Then came back on and all was fine. But over the past 4 days it still does it once in a while. Does anyone know why it could be doing it? I've had new tyres fitted recently with the recommended Dunlop RT and the pressure is exactly what it should be.
  7. You got the tyre codes for what our have? And also a link to tyre spacers?
  8. Thanks. I'll keep all this in mind. Any good recommendations for hard wax?
  9. Right guys. Just got a 64 wrx sti and need a good cover for the winter. Anyone got any suggestions?
  10. No problems with mine. Tyre pressure good.
  11. @Pixyflash @Demonmack Update guys. I bought it 😊👍
  12. @Pixyflash What's the best oil to use?
  13. @Pixyflash@Demonmack Thanks for the time and advise. So what I'm gathering is there still isn't any bad points about this car. And no reason not to buy it. I have to pretty much decide either today or tomorrow but I think I know which way I'm heading. The story behind it is a guy who lives near me got killed by a bull a couple of months ago who was a subaru fanatic and rally fan like me. So I organised a 25+ impreza convoy to follow the hearse to the crematorium. The subaru garage close to me are selling his car for the family so I have a link to that car. To say it was a funeral it was an amazing day and his family were overwhelmed from how many people I'd rounded up who didn't even know him.
  14. @Demonmack Thanks for your help mate 👍