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    1999 WRX STI Version 6 JDM
  1. ok cool, i already know about the connectors but wanted an actual scanner that has been tested and works with the jdm classics. I'm surprised this is not widely available here in the uk.
  2. Hi guys, I have been trying to find an OBD scanner that actually works with my version 6 sti. I have tried like 6 different ones from ebay, including the wifi / bluetooth ones and none seem to read the ecu. Can someone please tell me what scanner works, this is very frustrating as i have a check engine light that keeps randomly coming on. Obviously i'm not looking at the stupidly expensive scanners, just something cheap that will actually give me results. Someone must know what works, ebay sellers don't have a clue and all i've been doing is buying and returning them.
  3. Hi guys can you send me club side window decals please.
  4. any particular ones you would recommend? I'm abit old school lol
  5. Hi guys, I'm after a TD05 20g turbo and a set of 550cc pink sti injectors all genuine of course but cannot seem to find any decent links online. Would somebody point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated. Thanks
  6. Dump Valves

    HKS SSQV or Blitz, Greddy Tial etc are all great valves.
  7. Forge BOV for sale like new

    Unfortunately not my friend according to forge website.
  8. Hi guys, i literally just purchased a forge bov (FMDVSUB01) from deamon tweaks 2 weeks ago, not what i expected so is up for sale. Absolutely A1 condition. I will also include the spring kit to go with it which i paid an extra £24 for. i still have the box. Will ship mainland UK. Paypal payments to Goods will be sent out 1st class signed for Royal Mail. £140 delivered via paypal friends and family £150 delivered via paypal other methods
  9. Dump Valves

    Stick to the factory recirc valve, it's the best one for the car, unless you're running 350+ bhp
  10. New member

    Welcome bud, looks like a unique piece of machinery you have there matey, looks pretty good👍🏽
  11. Hi all Subaru owners

    Helloooooo and welcome😁
  12. Hi

    Hello and welcome. 100% agree with the wheels, i use to have a set in white on my Skyline. Absolutely loved them. Good looking motor mate.
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    Welcome bud👍🏼