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  1. i have a custom cat back on my forester. have had it just under a year. love the sound, however I'm wanting to downsize the tailpipe. its a 4.5" tail with 2.5" piping. i find it a bit too big, but also dont like that i can see the cone shape reduction on the outside of the pipe. 2 questions. i would like something more functional/rally looking, like group A wrx rally car. (less shiny, more raw looking lol) is it possible to just use exhaust piping as a tail pipe? also it is possible to have a back box that has a 2.5 inlet, with a 3" outlet to avoid a noticeable reduction in the pipe? cheers
  2. Yeah ive bought a bunch of stuff from icp they are really good. I seen they have the seal kits for them but im replacing the pistons too. I'll send them an email though, good shout. Cool, will check godspeed out, ss would be best. Cheers guys
  3. Hi, New here, was wondering if anyone knew if there are variations in 4 pot wrx calipers? Ive recently got a used set of fronts for my forester (checked they cleared my wheels) and just started refurb. However the kits on ebay sometimes have a code in brackets e.g. (PK073-2) and some different listings have different codes? I am guesing all 4 pots are the same? Cheers Ross
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