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  1. Really in need of some advice on the power steering pump in my 98 impreza type r. It has a bad leak coming from what looks like the back of the sensor. Have changed the o ring at the top of the pump and the sensor and still had the leak so put some uv dye in it and found that it was coming out the back of the sensor so replaced that but the new one is still leaking. Has anyone come across an issue like this before or can offer some advice. I am now completely stumped as to what could cause it too leak out the back. Its almost like the fluid is being forced through the seal of the sensor and coming out of the wire area at the back not around the edges of the sensor.
  2. Check your vac lines is a defo had similar issues with mine and was the pipe on the back of the boost guage that was split .. ive found if it was leads or coil pack the car doesnt perform .. misfires and hesitation all day at full throttle ive experienced this to
  3. Ok so i have a my98 sti type r and well its to low lol .. i believe its on tein springs at the minute not sure on the drop but it scuffs because its on 18s. Brake size requires the wheels but not the height and i basically i want to return it to stock .. the roads where i am just dont go well with a low car . To the point, i need help with what springs that will do the job .its got the factory red struts. i dont want the jacked up uk spec height but rather the factory import sti height .. can someone help me 🙂 ive read a few things but hoping you guys can give me a straight answer cheers.. i love the way it looks but just needs to be done I know coilovers may be better but i dont have the funds so factory will do for now
  4. Pretty new to the forums but wanted to share some pics of our TypeR.
  5. Awesome! Could you message me the details and how to pay. Thanks!
  6. Hi we would love to join you if possible. We have an Impreza my98 sti Type R.