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  1. I’ve just realised I’m unable to attend this one! 😕 I have a trade stand at Scoobyfest all booked for Our detailing gear
  2. Pretty sure I’ll be there too!
  3. Morning people. Japfest withdrawl symtoms kicking in today... Anyway. As some of you know my company sell Profession Detailing products produced by Roar Professional Polishing. I’m setting up some upcoming events with these guys and offering certain people the opportunity to be involved. Basically we’re offering a detailing day for anyone who’s interested and keen to gain more knowledge for professional detailing products and how to use them. There’s a full day on offer for 6 vehicles to come along, learn with the professionals at Roar on your own car. It’s £100 for the event per person, But we’d give away £100 worth of products for you to go home with too! Let me know if it’s something you’d be interested in. If you are I can look at getting you on the list for the next event!
  4. We’ll be about an hour behind you mate
  5. Yeah I’ll meet up somewhere with you! Wheres good for you? And don’t worry about keeping up, I’ll be bob on 77mph alllll the way.. had a bit of a do with a speed camera van last week and waiting for a naughty boy letter 😐
  6. I’m up for that if anyone else is coming from my direction too. Im in York, so will be going down the M1
  7. Has anyone bought a ticket yet? Ive just tried but the form keeps telling me to do one!!
  8. There is the celica club! Sorry I should of said.. this CCUK is Car Culture UK
  9. Hello Everyone, Just a heads up for those of you that aren't aware. Car Culture UK are hosting a DYNO day this Saturday and there's still a few places left to apply to run your car. You just need to email with details and spec of your car. But be quick, there's only a day or so left. Also, you'll have the chance to get your hands on the best detailing products on the market as I will be there with a trade stand selling Roar Advanced Finishing products and MPEX engine additives. See you there !!
  10. You could count me in for sure .!
  11. I’ll get a test done again. I had one a couple years back and got the all clear but I know it sometimes doesn’t pick it up..
  12. From memory I think it’s 0.9 bar..?? the heater usually blows cold when it overheats.