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Japshow Santa Pod 10th June 2018


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Now then!  Club stand is all sorted and I have got 10 tickets in hand right now, 9 available.  We are again in the Orange area :punk:.

If you would like to join us please post here and I will add you in.  Tickets are £14 each (one per car) for the whole of Sunday and Payments are made to me via paypal, just PM me :biggrin:.  Passengers can buy tickets from the website separately or on the gate.




1. GeoffLeggy

2. Sclarke01

3. DaveRAC

4. steveuk260

5. Lisa

6. gemlp82

7. Scottrobo23

8. Chris p1

9. 22bmark

10. 22bmark


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On 3/26/2018 at 10:07 AM, chris p1 said:

hi would be up for coming along if you still have any tickets for the stand. ive got a p1 and trying to go to the shows this year



Hi Chris, welcome along!  PM me if your still up for it and Ill give you my details.



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34 minutes ago, Sclark01 said:

Geoff what car do you have now? Martin said the other day that you'd changed it! Yeah still have your details I'll paypal the money over

No same Legacy 👍🏻

Selling the Jag very soon so will have another car for that 😁

All received thanks

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