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  2. Double Locking

    do you mean disable the function completely ? if so, there's nothing in my manual. maybe someone here knows different, or maybe a dealer could help ? the d/l is auto disabled when entering the car using the remote. (or the key in door lock) and reset likewise.
  3. Yesterday
  4. Hello!

    Thumbs up to the classic. Welcome. Pictures are welcome too!

    Think BH5 is the chassis code... Since it's a 2l I'm guessing it will be an EJ non turbo engine, not exactly a gutsy engine in NA form. Might be a good idea to check the condition of the air filter
  6. 2015 SE premium lineartronic vs 2016 manual

    Hi Fast Pat and welcome to the forum. I have a 2015 SE Premium Lineartronic and I can't fault the gearbox. It is really smooth and doesn't feel like a CVT. At the end of the day it comes down to personal preference - some people like automatics and some prefer manuals. Personally I would go for the automatic every time. Of course with the Lineartronic you have the best of both worlds as you can drive it in manual mode if you want to, using the gearstick or the paddles. Whichever model you choose I am sure you won't be disappointed in the Outback. Mine is the best car I have ever owned.
  7. Slight knock under light load

    Well, I’ve been driving my car now for 60k and the last week or so I’ve noticed that there’s a slight knock coming from the engine, only dies it under light load so gentle accelerating up to about 2200rpm is quite noticeable but not at when off the throttle or when at full or heavy throttle. Not feeling too comfortable about the outcome of this, knocking noises from a modern diesel can’t be a good thing!! car is in tomorrow to get checked out.
  8. Last week
  9. GC8 Brake diagram

    Thanks! And unfortunately that is the wiring diagram, I'm after a schematic for the actual brake lines, with the booster etc so I can plan a transplant from a none ABS motor. Proving very difficult! I will get some pictures then... Thanks again! :)
  10. Well i've decided that i'm going to pull the engine out over the winter and do the head gaskets as its still using a little coolant and theres no evidence of an external leak also the crank seals are a bit damp so will get them aswell, will steam clean the engine while its out so its all nice and shiney clean 😎 its doing my head in that its all dirty, getting a loan of a folding engine crane so i can get the engine in the back of the car and take it to work and i'll get it on the bench and do it in my limited spare time
  11. make sure it fits flush correctly
  12. Holy MPG Batman!!

    Got a total of 350mi and it took 11.3 gal to fill.
  13. key issue, one button Lock/unlock

    It should start car if use pin code turn alarm off or other fob from distance (don't want that transponder near steering switch) . Not that common for transponder chip (scan key) play up but would be wise check it starts car fine before proceeding . button fault on the fob board is quite common though, I get at least 2 fob issues a month from the sigma alarms. pretty simple swap parts and program in new fob. alarm guide below that maybe helpful .
  14. Car video anyone?

    There's a car event over my way 1 sunday a month, pretty popular still, it's called MFN. i dont tend to go myself but theres a good turn out of all sorts of cars.
  15. About the DPF

    I’ve never used additives, I was always advised to just use branded fuels not supermarket fuels. This was the advice I also got from an AA guy who said he attends 10-15 breakdowns a week for the “diesel bug” this is a algae or fungal growth caused by the biodiesel in diesel and any water in your tank. If it is diesel bug, which if the car has stood for ages I’d s possibility then you’d be looking to either stand the car drained for three months so it dries out and the growth dies or steam clean the fuel tank and replace fuel lines etc. There are apparently some cleaners you can use but I’ve no knowledge about how they would work. Branded fuels, Esso, Shell, BP etc all have additional additives to reduce this bio growth. So whilst all these people will tell you that Shell have the same fuel as say Morrison’s they won’t have the same additives as these are added at the point they fill the tanker. the same AA guy also said that using optimax or ultimate or whatever as a regular fuel isn’t worth it but a tank of it every 5-6 tanks will help keep your engine clean because of the additional additives in it. i personally wouldn’t recommend putting other additives in. The modern Diesel engines are pretty sensitive to fuel. It’s not like the old days where you could shove chip fat in a diesel and it’d run. Never run your tank to near empty, you can drag and sludge up, only use quality branded fuels, consider the odd tank of “super” diesel. Mad gof DPG I force a regen every other week bug taking the car on a motorway that doesn’t get too clogged with traffic, sticking it in 3rd gear at about 60mph for 20-15mins. Basically 2-2.5k rpm and over 37mph will do it, but you need to maintain a constant speed if possible. That will force a regen of you DPG. Ideal if you do quite s bit of short hops or town driving. There are also companies that can do a deep clean on a clogged filter, costs around £100, might be worth looking at that instead of replacement?
  16. Alcatek ecu

    So after 2 months of chasing the problem with my car finally found out the ecu was the problem all along I have a alcatek ecu which I've been using for the past year not a problem until this but if I put my original ecu in runs fine so does anyone know anywhere I could send it to get the bored check/fixed or is it easier to get a new one thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. New to the club and new to Subaru. Recently got myself a 2001 bugeye uk300. Absolutely love it. Can see it becoming bit of a restoration project though after closer inspection but can’t wait to get started and bringing her back to her former glory. First job welding in a new radiator lower carrier then sourcing a front subframe/cradle
  18. Here for sale is a 2002 Subaru Impreza wrx bug eye in white it’s covered 80k miles stamped service book and a lot of receipts as seen in the pictures it’s fully loaded as to much to list it does have a few age related marks/chips due to its age but for a 15 year old car it’s in great condition it has been remapped so it’s very quick any questions call me on 07894885412 and I will get back to you £4,750
  19. Hello from Ayrshire

    Welcome to the club!
  20. FSTI SG9 EJ25 JDM - Sat Nav

    Just a bit of an update on this thread, I finally replaced the head unit with one of those new ATOTO android units for £219 (highly recommended!!!). Next step, speaker upgrade. Anyone know where I can buy some speaker adapter rings / spacers for the front and rear? I've seen some on ebay for £16.99 but they are in Germany and I'd like to fit the speakers this weekend!
  21. New JDM sti owner

    Nice @Nickryles 😎
  22. Thanks for the reply. Yep have reset the ecu. A strange thing with the plugs is that when I purchased the car it had just been serviced and ran perfectly fine until the next service. When pulling out the plugs they were the shorter plugs for the 2.0 engine which was odd. I checked a few specialists which explained they should be the long reach plugs for the 2.5l so put them in and they came out white after 3k. I have tried the short reach again but same problem still persists. When the short plugs were removed they were no where near as white after 5k miles. I believe this is a seperate issue unrelated to the problem now but still confused by the plug choice. I have found a video which shows an exact copy of my issue which is coil packs, so that is the next test. Any feedback for the plugs also will be greatly appreciated
  23. Head gasket fail Noooooo

    Ok cool I'll defo have a look into doing the bottom end as i really don't want it to fail after all my efforts, and i intend on having this car forever :) Am sure i'll have many questions over the coming weeks so thanks i will defo be picking everyone's brains :) I'm still pulling off the easy bits at the min though will probably start getting tricky soon haha. Got to my turbo intake pipe yesterday and as expected was more holes than rubber at the turbo , fun fun fuuun
  24. What have you done to your Subaru today ?

    Put fuel in after being on the light for 2days :( In my defence i was seeing how many miles i could get out a tank ....... fuel light + £50 fuel = 299.7 miles! car says i managed 29.1mpg James
  25. Only the HT auto splitter left the rest of the splitters are sold.
  26. tyre change !

    Thanks thats really helpful
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