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  1. make sure it fits flush correctly
  2. always better just to confirm mate, dont want a nasty surprise ;)
  3. key issue, one button Lock/unlock

    should still start the car even without the remote :S
  4. need to fond out exactly what the clutch is rated too, that looks pretty much like stock power levels rated.
  5. Car video anyone?

    There's a car event over my way 1 sunday a month, pretty popular still, it's called MFN. i dont tend to go myself but theres a good turn out of all sorts of cars.
  6. Car video anyone?

    Prob find its a tad far for most of us (were pretty well spread over the uk). might be worth keeping an eye out for a rolling road day and heading to that.
  7. key issue, one button Lock/unlock

    Does the key still allow the car to start? if so the key/fob may be fine and you just need to re-code it to the car (they do occasionally have a flip out and lose the coding), had it with the spare key for mine. Let me know if you need to coding info
  8. got a link? is that fitted price or just supply?
  9. Don't bother, unless i knew exactly who it was selling and how they treated their car i'd never buy a second hand clutch and flywheel.
  10. Burning oil

    how much is it actualy using?
  11. Burning oil

    any smoke?
  12. Guess the suburu part!!!

    haha beat me too it just lol
  13. Guess the suburu part!!!

    looks more like its the headlight leveling system. not sure what the exact name is, the bracket is way way too thin to be ARB link
  14. Chasing powerrrr

    yep, great pumps
  15. As above, ecu is there to control the boost ;) just get it mapped rather than blow up your engine. only caveat is a 3 port boost control solenoid, but that's about giving more control to the mapper rather than upping the boost.