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  1. lmao :D
  2. whats the fuel pressure doing when it comes on boost?
  3. swap the pump out as a starter, just because its new doesn't mean its not faulty.
  4. Be very very wary of piggy back stuff, while i don;t know the fcon itself if its like typical bolt on stuff more then likely blow up your engine. 2001 will be ecutek mappable
  5. take it elsewhere, sounds like he doesnt have a clue
  6. So still up on the bay, but price is down to 4750. Advert is the same with the 'economical' truth on how bad the damage is.
  7. Hi

  8. You'll get away with a small turbo upgrade, but sc42 will be too much for the stock engine. much more than a 36 an your gonna need to have the engine rebuilt. How far you go really depends on budget, my goal is a reliable 500bhp so i've got a closed deck converted 2.5, forged pistons, uprated rods, acl bearings, arp headstuds and supertech valve kit in refurbed v5 heads along witha boat load of supporting mods like FMIC, syvecs etc
  9. Dad didn't notice any difference between his 2015 and 2017, although that's petrol
  10. welcome, which dealer did you buy it from?
  11. will be main engine build i expect.
  12. i've run oil coolers on my past few cars, just make sure its thermostatically controlled
  13. welcome
  14. sweet, glad it was an easy fix