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  1. Seems to be to win a rally championship you need skill, a decent car and a huge amount of luck. Time will tell if he has the latter
  2. open source software is typically hacked ecutek anyway, but the advantage of ecutek is if something happens unexpected then you (or mapper) can ring ecutek to discuss, my old hawk for example, kept getting a phantom fault code to do with MAF over volt. Was checked and totaly fine, but the code kept coming up, with opensource your stuffed, no technical backup. Phone call to ecutek and a software revision later and problem solved. I believe that revision is now part of the Ecutek software so all benefit of the upgrade. Also Ecutek software is regularly patched, updated and glitches sorted out. Opensource just doesn't get that. At the end of the day they do the same job, but depends what you want.
  3. not sure what years its from, mine and yours def affected, initially they inspect and then replace if an issue
  4. All non sti's were, sti's had alloy arms. mines had the airbag one done but not the lower arm one, need to book it in for that. Was corrosion causing cracks to form and then they fail.
  5. I believe the number of cars affected is over 100million now, and with all the will in the world it's gonna take some time to manufacture all of those.
  6. you can get twin avcs big port as well, i would say they are the best, but if your starting to worry abotu that sort of thing your gonna be going waaaay up the power band.
  7. you doing a full system? downpipe as well? I would expect issues though. Just leave it off till your ready for a map
  8. be interesting to see if it pops back up cheap with a bodge cover up of the headgasket failure
  9. So it was running fine int eh UK, got to spain now its not? How was it transported? driven/shipped, loose wire? Other option is subaru fobs are renown for having signal interference issues, could it be something to do with that?
  10. as an option, can also supply parts if you just want that
  11. they seem extremely cheap even comparing to ebay prices on other brands. O idea what they are actually like though.
  12. $119 dollars in the US, so i expect we'll be gang raped and it will be £500
  13. Sounds expensive tbh
  14. Can only echo above, what ever you spend having the engine done you wont ever make back on the sale :(
  15. its hit alot more than that, Lincoln, Grantham, stoke and stoke county, kingsmill, newark, mansfield,