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  1. type-ra may have the info but no idea if theres anyway to actualy tell
  2. not sure what specialists are up your way unfortunately, hopefully someone else can help
  3. wont have been low enough to be an issue if it was still on the dipstick, not even 1L between low and high on it iirc. Sounds like you need to get it back to the garage to diagnose it.
  4. Sounds like it may have droped the crank :( was the oil level still on the dipstick?
  5. I've said my bit, take it or leave it
  6. The difference is his technical knowledge and working practices are known to be bad, he doesn't even road test cars after mapping, that isn't opinion, its a known fact. He's been drummed off 22b, SN and other sites and its Andy forrest who first called him dung khan, so take what you want form it, but when you get the top mappers/tuners in the country saying he's bad then it's up to you if you want to believe it or not. It sounds like you have been lucky to say the least, but sooner or later it will bite you in the **** im sure.
  7. You could argue the point yes, how ever its one incident vs dozens.
  8. Your gonna get issues now and again no mater who you are, I can accept that, its how you deal with them that sets you apart. Everytime his name is mentioned on SN people come out with complaints about him. Given you know what experiences people are having with him im amazed you'll let him anywhere near your car tbh, even a broken clock is right, twice a day.
  9. you said that before piggy went for a map and look how that turned out. He's enept at best.
  10. not really sure who does esl now tbh, but stay well clear of racedungnamics what ever you do
  11. out on the pull eh,,,,, hahahahaha
  12. cheers :)
  13. Actualy i take it back, only ever heard them called boost solenoids, not boost control solenoids, which is the actual name. I had one of these on mine, Not had any dealings with any of the other brands to be fair.
  14. Just get a 3 port boost solenoid. There is no need for any additional boost control.
  15. Nope, one of the fastest way to blow up your engine. That's what the ecu is for. If you want to get the boost increased will need mapping.