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  1. try for new parts
  2. welcome
  3. aye, never look a gift horse in the mouth.
  4. After going through the pile of receipts that came with the car it turns out it has a PPP fitted. Explains why it felt like it had a bit more grunt than the other one we road tested.
  5. See i knew so much i bought 3 of them, well 2 and the mrs bought 1 hahaha
  6. Cheers chaps
  7. So it's arrived, and then there were 3 hahaha
  8. Syvecs ecu, not the cheapest but by far the best. Haha I tried getting rid and got an m3 instead. Nice car seriously dull by comparison
  9. Track use is a very different animal to road use, but if only occasional track then I'd go 2.5 myself. Standard block is find up to about 450and with the right supporting mods will be fine for odd tracks days. R3ason for the2.5 is it makes a great road engine, loads of low down grunt. I have acl race bearings, make piston, Manley rods. Superteck valve kit in version 5 heads and a gt2871r billet turbo. Plus whole heap supporting mods like front mount and 6 speed box. Currently run ing 398bhp and 465ftlb bit eventual target is 500bhp +
  10. Very depends in aims and budget. Is it for road, track, race, drag use?
  11. will throw up a CEL if you do that rear cat
  12. Just man up, full decat and just find a friendly MOT garage. Will need mapping if you do sack all the cats off.
  13. I'm yet to read any that havn't got alot more behind them than described. There only human so mistakes do happen, but pick up a phone and they will put it right.
  14. Colour is a personal preference :)
  15. Not a big fan of the wheel colour myself lol