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  1. switch looks likley to be for rear fog light (not required in japan so they are fitted when imported) but short of pressing it and see what happens no way to be 100% sure, second one is a flare, take it out the car because its illegal in the uk. Just leave it somewhere safe at home.
  2. Using Oil and EM light Issues - Please help.

    1L per 1000 miles is the point where you know you have an issue so its up there. Given the noise on boost i;d get the turbo checked out.
  3. Using Oil and EM light Issues - Please help.

    Define alot of oil, how much per 1000 miles?
  4. Bee-r limiter 2.5 wrx impreza

    stay well clear. they will do your engine no good at all
  5. Battery Discharge - Help

    there also used to be something about them not chargining unless side lights were left on, was on impreza's though
  6. Battery Discharge - Help

    newer cars do tend to drain the batterys quicker with all the gubbins on them as they say. if its going to sit for periods could look at getting a ctek battery conditioner, there only about £50 and they keep the battery topped up.
  7. Pet? What you got?

    haha, dont worry you get used to him, eventualy,,, lol
  8. New winter wheels and tyres.

    must have had some snow now? how are they?
  9. Battery Discharge - Help

    Pop down to your local county batterys, get them to give it a once over for a drain, make sure its charging properly and that the battery isn't duff. If that all comes back as ok then prob as stated and just not getting enough milage to charge.
  10. Pet? What you got?

    what was in it?
  11. Pet? What you got?

    he did, just managed to deflect blame onto the dog,,,,, hahahaha
  12. Didn't get my 15%

    thats not actualy bad, was expecting you to say 4-5k
  13. Pet? What you got?

    not happy with 16?
  14. Cant start my car with out alarm going off

    if its jdm then prob not, locksmith/alarm tech is prob your best bet. As far as cost no idea im afraid :(
  15. Lost Key / Reprogram new key -.-

    ah well, at least you have spares lol