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  1. The Imobiliser can’t be shutting you out can it?
  2. Gah! must be H-Gasket failure now :-(

    Savage will probably know best but in my mind if the engine hasn’t got exceedingly hot and hasn’t got excessive mileage on it then just replace the head gasket. Unless you want a full rebuild then you can rebuild it to your spec taking into account your budget. That’s what I would do anyway. If I had money to spare I’d do full rebuild. Subaru specialist will tell you better
  3. New scoobie owner

    Welcome. Gotta love a classic!
  4. Newby in north yorks

    Hi. It will be a version 5 - 6. They called them facelift classics. Imprezas changed in 2001 from classics to bugeye versions if that’s what you mean.. the momo steering wheel you get in the 2000 turbo facelift will fit your car and make it look better. Hope all goes well
  5. Buying a impreza

    Hi, If you can find a standard low mileage one I’d go for that. It all depends on how much you want to spend. There’s plenty of cheap modified ones but your potentially buying other people’s problems. Personally I’d buy standard and keep standard. I’d have another if the handbrake (wife) would let me.
  6. If you increase the air flow or/and the exhaust flow you need a re map. It might be that it was ok with just a de cat and a different turbo. I’d get a new MAF sorted and have it checked out to see how it’s running. If it’s in need of a re map I’d get an induction kit put on or at least a high flow panel filter.
  7. I’d clean the MAF sensors again, sounds like it might be cause.. if it doesn’t come right after another clean just replace it.
  8. Best way is with a multi meter to see if there’s resistance in the electrical flow. Ive put a pic on. The boost valve is behind the air box. There’s a video on YouTube showing you how to do it. Instead of me writing it out. Ha.
  9. I’d try cleaning the MAF and the boost solenoid. Failing that have a look at the HT leads and the spark plugs. Start with the easiest and least expensive first. Is it used daily and when did you last have it serviced?
  10. Hello!

    Thumbs up to the classic. Welcome. Pictures are welcome too!
  11. Help

    A turbo charged performance petrol is smiles per gallon. Turbo charged dirty derv is miles per gallon. 250 - 300 on long runs is the norm 150 - 200 without the wife in for me.
  12. Oo.. the wife did a stressed Eric impression when I insured, serviced and taxed it this month. I may need to insulate the dog house for winter if the gear box is to come out....
  13. At some point my gearbox is to come out, the rear crank shaft oil seal is leaking a bit.. I've got some seal conditioner in with the oil at the min which has slowed it down for now. Has he quoted you a price if I might ask?
  14. Sad Day! :(

    You gotta admit though, coal rolling is funny.
  15. Impreza tuning

    Now then and welcome. Have a look at this one at Peterborough.. It doesn't look like it's been messed with too much. Good luck in your search for a motor.