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  1. Help

    A turbo charged performance petrol is smiles per gallon. Turbo charged dirty derv is miles per gallon. 250 - 300 on long runs is the norm 150 - 200 without the wife in for me.
  2. Oo.. the wife did a stressed Eric impression when I insured, serviced and taxed it this month. I may need to insulate the dog house for winter if the gear box is to come out....
  3. At some point my gearbox is to come out, the rear crank shaft oil seal is leaking a bit.. I've got some seal conditioner in with the oil at the min which has slowed it down for now. Has he quoted you a price if I might ask?
  4. Sad Day! :(

    You gotta admit though, coal rolling is funny.
  5. Impreza tuning

    Now then and welcome. Have a look at this one at Peterborough.. It doesn't look like it's been messed with too much. Good luck in your search for a motor.
  6. J38 tebay.

    Am sure it was a blue hawk eye with black alloys. Coming off the northbound M6 and heading for the A685. Sounded superb.
  7. New addition

    When they can walk they nick your spanner and stick it next to Mam's plants then wash your front wing with rocks then ram your alloy wheel with their electric quad bike. But you wouldn't change em! Ha. Congratulations.
  8. Sorry I've no clue how to post links on here. You just get the cloth when you buy it, but I washed the car with TFR soap then used some diluted wax it wet before rubbing the cloth over the top. Just like the clay kit you rub it over the paintwork till you hear it go from a sand paper sound to smooth sound and a glass finish. ALOT quicker than a clay kit because more area is covered in one swipe.
  9. Serviced, washed, clay clothed, polished, and most importantly taxed and insured! Ready for summer. Ive used a clay bar before and thought it was good.. then used a clay cloth and it was amazing. Cheaper than a clay kit and lasts 10 times longer!
  10. Changed the plugs n fuel filter, come to start it, click click... fu ck in battery! Out with the trickle charger!
  11. Best films of all time

    Smokey and the bandit "what we're dealing with here is a complete lack of respect for the law" ha.
  12. Insurance nightmare!

    A lot of its to do with where you live and where you keep it. Anything over 6 points for the same thing is bad too. If you get a CU 80 now, (caught on a mobile phone) its classed like a CD 10 20 or 30 (careless driving). The firm I work for won't take on anyone with a CU 80 on their license since the law changed because our insurance company won't touch them!
  13. Insurance nightmare!

    A multi car policy might be an idea? That could drop it 10%. Who is the van insured through?
  14. Insurance nightmare!

    If you don't mind me asking, what's your other car? I had a pissy little 1.2 sxi Corsa and 12 years no claims when I bought the 2000 turbo summer toy so I swapped the insurances round, after a year esure mirror imaged my no claims on both so I now have 13 years on both cars. I insure a dirty derv 330 BMW and the classic for £500.
  15. ****Subaru Impreza for sale****

    Mine has 82k on it. Only driven in the summer months but started and run every week.... Garage it and keep it pal!