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  1. Damn! Nice work @Hudson wish I knew how to paint 😢
  2. A box @kershaw-330s interesting...
  4. Christ, so I'm officially a fuel pump install expert if anyone needs help haha. Pulled it back out again, changed everything back to stock and back in (in 30mins this time!) took it for a whirl, pulls fine through the 1.2bar boost 😂
  5. Love a bit of BUMPer cars 😂 Except we call them dodgems up here 😂
  6. Switched the sock. When I pulled it, it did look like it was leaking a bit, so I tightened up the pipe even more. Sock was covered with fuel so I don't think it wasn't starving, but like I said, changed it anyways back to stock. Got it back in l, started up, could hear it whine a bit more, so thought it might of been fixed, pressure was a nice 2.9 bar on the cold start up and steady. Went out and did about 7-8 pulls and the same thing keeps happening. No changes, it has to be the pump. 2nd and 3rd gear still noticeable in the upper revs, mostly prominate in 3rd gear. I did get some video, but it's really hard to see/hear it on it, but it's really noticeable when you're in the car. I set the DEFI's to record as well to get a picture of the this is where it gets fun. I was told it was running a stock map, which I believe was at the time. Check out the peak boost now though...1.2 bar nearly (17.4psi). Fuel pressure peaks at 4.8 bar. Is there any way to check if it's got a ECUTek license or OpenSource installed? If it has been mapped, could this be the problem?
  7. this is ridiculously good haha. Anyone else do this sometimes? 😂
  8. Right, so switching the sock today and check the connections. Just wonder if it might be the sock. In saying that, you'd think it would happen more than just the upper revs if that were the problem.
  9. After a load of googling when getting in from work, I think it might actually be the sock...going to switch them tomorrow and use the stock sock and see if that changes anything.
  10. Walbro GSS342 290lph "Colossus" if memory serves. I'm at work. For real? I did wonder what the hell was going on. Fit it on an empty tank, put £20 in to give it a test, so literally about a 1/4 tank. I've been trying to boot it about and in the upper revs around 5.5k I'm getting some cuts. Spoke with a few people and no one knows what's happening, and I've been quoted £60 to have it liked at and tested! May as well buy a new pump for that price! Can you put the old filter back on to stop starvation? I tend to fill up completely once a fortnight...
  11. Took it out for a spin, still seems to do it around 5.5k revs...
  12. Not that much more? Like £15-20 extra I think, if even.
  13. Tax? I pay mine monthly 😕
  14. To be honest, if she drove it, she'd probably love it. She use to have Megan Sport and she loved that...sure the STi is a bit louder, but it's quicker and handles just as well I'd imagine (never drove her Megan, she had that before I met her. Haven't really been pushing the sale of it if I'm honest. Waiting to get the refund and pick up that other onefirst before really going for it. Shame as well as I'd probably keep it if it was 3" all the way through 😕
  15. Few photos of the new pump on. Forgot to take a load whilst doing, but the one with the huge filter is the stock one. Note to anyone doing this, make sure you don't forget to put the pressurised line all the way back on like I did! 😂 Heard a little pop and then spraying as soon as I switched the car back on! Fuel everywhere! Luckily I hand tightened the cover back over it haha