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  1. Yeah I like them too, but like you said. Wayyyy too much for what they are.
  2. I had a silent giggle to myself when my mate from work just splashed out £15k on a standard 55 plate Evo (320MR) and I spent £8.5k on my more or less standard STi...he's just sent a valve through to the piston and out through the turbo. 😳😏
  3. I wouldn't imagine it would make that much of a difference if I'm honest. I've ran them before as well and can say they're great tyres...mine was on a lighter car, but still...wouldn't imagine it would be that bad to making the car feel unsafe and dangerous to drive.
  4. May sound a bit daft, but you haven't hit any kerbs lately have you? I had a car once that felt like it was disconnected and it turned out something was bent on the front TV link from the previous owner smacking into a kerb at a decent speed...
  5. @stants has a TD04. i need a completely knackered one if anyone's got a spare, unrepairable condition please!
  6. Had a bad experience years ago and got burned for a decent sum of cash...I double check the company's I know on eBay normally, like I know JM Imports sell things on eBay so I follow their shop, but yeah.
  7. Too many Ferrari's. You buy a Ferrari, it should be red. The end.
  8. Probably wanna hook them up haha, hate the hawk horn. Awful. Had a quick look on eBay, looks like genuine ones (they say) are about £35 or so...I'm a bit skeptical when it comes to eBay haha. Can get "Hella Style" for less.
  9. Depends all on how deep your pockets are and what you want (to do). Ideally I'd want Koni's with something like Eibach springs...but for that price you can get coilovers...but I probably wouldn't want to adjust coilovers anyways, so would it not be better to stick with springs and new performance shocks, which I believe it was most performance cars run on?
  10. Yeah they're probably the best reasonably priced coilovers I'd say based on my research as well. KW or Bilstein if you've got mega money. Why do you want coilovers, just out of curiosity? Would springs not suit better? I'm looking to do springs soon...can't decide on trying the Whiteline ones (not much on them), Tein, or go for Eibach... Also I've read and done research @Piggysniffer, anti lift kit and ARB help massively apparently, and then springs/coilovers afterwards. Some places do a combo of everything fitting for about £1k (think ScoobyWorld did?). I would love to do that, but for now I just want to get a bit lower and rid myself of the gap 😳
  11. Had a feeling that was the case if I'm honest.
  12. Mine does that when I get on it coming out of a corner😳 🤔😉😂
  13. Didn't know if they were legit or not the ones on eBay. Will have a look into them a bit more. Is the Perrin bracket a must for our cars or do you still get the look without it?
  14. So these are on sale in the US, and they ship to the UK (plus I have IS contacts I can ship to and they can hold until someone comes over etc.). Is this a good deal? Do I need anything else (Perrin bracket? Or is that an unnecessary extra?) $30 (even if you add the $15 import fees etc it's still only like £30?) for Hella horns, plus an extra 10% like £32 max?
  15. What's the best way to clean the arches, other than pressure wash haha. What do youse use? Wife got a new company car so I've get the Qashqai for a bit which means I can do a bit of work on the Subaru...any ideas for what I should do? Thinking about pulling the HVAC out and doing the LED conversion from green to red (because it's doing my head in with it looking like a Christmas tree). Also got to get a good clean in and maybe hook up with catch can to the PCV? Anyone done that before that has a photo of where to mount/and how they've wired it in?