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  1. What have you done to your Subaru today ?

    Not exactly today, but I obviously put the new exhaust on the other week and finally gave her a good wash and used the bairn for child labour to hoover it out haha. YAY! 666 POSTS :D
  2. Newage Cat Back Exhaust

    £175 OBO
  3. Newage Cat Back Exhaust

    Believe it's a Mitsubo, but could be a Fujitsubo, cat back exhaust. Came on my import 2006 Subaru STi. I love this exhaust and it's sound is great to be honest, but it's a 2.5" at the flange that tapers up to a 3" so it'll fit up with a stock catalytic converter no problem. I'm selling as I wanted a 3" system to go with my downpipe which is also 3". Anyway, it's used obviously and has been scraped slightly along the backbox section, along with it being dented. However I had no idea that was there until I pulled it as it's not noticeable when looking at it from normal height and there's no leaks or anything (just passed MOT last month). I have a video of a cold start with a rev or two (it's windy though) if anyone is interesting in seeing it. Asking £200 ONO, willing to ship if buyer pays any PayPal fees/shipping costs (£40 roughly I believe). Many thanks, any questions, feel free to ask 😊
  4. I've got a JDM cat back system...just need a downpipe or cat. Should be able to grab one second hand for cheap.
  5. Fuel Leak?

    Saw it, will reply later mate. yeah, I can understand that fumes/vapor. Not totally full and left in the sun though. I use about a gallon to get back from the petrol station... And that's a different storey lol, leaving next to a hot exhaust yeah that's just stupid. Exactly. I use about a gallon to get home from the petrol station 😂😳😂 and sounds good, I'll take you with so we can bring two back! 😈
  6. Fuel Leak?

    Explain? Never heard of that before. Petrol shouldn't expand? Also check your PMs. Think I have an idea on what it is now though, just haven't had time to double check it yet. No issues at all. The car wasn't even started when it was leaking, so doubt its the return to tank line. But it's stopped now and there's nothing under car this morning, which again leads me to the same thought as you. Could be the seal on the access opening OR it could be the filler neck as it seems it's all leaked out of that. It's definitely coming from the upper side of the tank as you can see it's came down from the top. Car still shows tank as full. Hmm, possibly. Depends. I thought that was more for separating water out anyways though... I'm sure @stants had an issue with the seal, so he might know more about that bit more? Suppose I best get the car up and have a look then...planning on tossing the new(old) exhaust on tomorrow if all goes to plan so could have a look then.
  7. Fuel Leak?

    I've done it multiple times as you can normally get another £5 or so in. This is the first time it's leaked like that. It was flat surface at the garage.
  8. Fuel Leak?

    Right so as suggested, was filling up tonight after work. Always fill it to the brim, and I mean literally to the brim, like fuel up through the filler neck so it's nearly sloshing out when I put the cap back on. So I normally add a few more quid once it clicks off. Anyway, did the same as always and put the pump back and the heard what sounded like a leak, so I got under the car to have a look...this is what I found. A massive puddle of fuel. Now, it could be because I overfilled it, however I've done this multiple times before and never had this problem? Maybe the filler neck has rotted out as it seems to be drained from there when I went back and looked? I am not interested in dropping the tank if I can avoid it as it looks a massive pain in the ****, plus I've got a full tank of fuel in there at the moment too. It appears to be coming from near the top for sure. Only other thing I could think of is the seal around where you access the pump at has gone/isn't right from when I changed to her Walbro pump, although I would of thought that would of shown up earlier as it's been in for a few month now. Pics below. I've got video with some more close ups if anyone is interested in seeing that lemme know and I'll pop a text through?
  9. What have you done to your Subaru today ?

    Arghhhhh, went to put the exhaust on and couldn't find the stupid gasket set...
  10. What have you done to your Subaru today ?

    New pump arrived today 😬😊
  11. Engine Rebuild

    Yep, exactly. I was just getting rough prices for parts as RCM had everything on a page. I think they're mega expensive personally, and I don't know much about them. Would rather stick to tried and true parts (Weisco Pistons, ARP studs, Carrillo rods etc.). I'm sure I did total overkill in my build estimations as well, but rather over estimate than under...of course I forgot about a new clutch as well 🙄 I'll be using Alyn at ASP as he's literally around the corner from me (2mi haha)
  12. Engine Rebuild

    I would do the pistons as well personally. May as well while you're doing everything else... I priced mine up the other night...£8.5k 😬 Haha @Tidgy or @savage bulldogs may be able to help consolidate my list though as I probably have ridiculously unnecessary components for the target is aiming for...(looking around 500hp...priced 14mm studs, new cams etc. Of course everything new and from RCM which is pricier than some other brands like ARP which I'd probably use)
  13. Got a book delivered today all over the shop on different pages when it should be on one haha. Better than nowt though!
  14. WHAT TYRES ??

    Get rid of that wheel gap! 😉😂 Yeah STi is 17x8 on hawks though. You can run 225/40/17 or 215/45/17 for same sizing I believe? Might want to double check that though!
  15. What have you done to your Subaru today ?

    Found a power steering pump 😬 £35 shipped. Can't complain at that. Just waiting game for postman now...ughhhhhh...🤦🏻‍♂️