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  1. Proper crapping myself, in for MOT today as well as the airbag recall...
  2. Haha I thought I did, but I filled it up, £62 of VPower so I have no idea! Haha that's a normal fill when the lights on! Mind the light probably would of came on in another mile or so...but still! Best so far...maybe it's because of the new fuel pump 😉😬😂
  3. Hmmm...didn't want to risk going much further, but record before the light came on! Haha
  4. Finally sourced the tail light problem. Idiot gave me the wrong bulb. Looked nearly identical. Anyways took it back and he gave me the right one. All sorted now. Also rang up subaru and ordered the airbag recall and will book MOT in at the same time when it's in 😬
  5. I think I remember reading this somewhere.
  6. Ask @Sirspidey for some 😂😂😂 I sent him a bucket full a few month ago haha
  7. Ahhh let me know if you find some! I've seen a few on eBay but...eBay...I need one STi one in the dark lost in shipping... :-/
  8. Was wondering why I haven't got my airbag yet...
  9. Can vouch for Alyn, met up with him the other week, knows his stuff really well. Good guy and not in it to rip people off either. Said it was well worth doing the closed deck for reilability as well.
  10. Exactly what Tim said...oh and I forgot Royal Purple is another ace one that I've ran (and loved, except it is expensive!)
  11. Depends on where you go and read reviews I think haha. I've seen people saying good and also bad. It's a cheap oil though compared to others...not something I would run personally though.
  12. What did you use for headlights? Toothpaste? Been debating on doing mine...but then debated on sending them off to have them done properly (sanded down etc.) by a professional for a few quid...mind I kinda wanna take them and bake them @Hudson 😂
  13. Right to follow this up. Switched the bulbs around, it's not the connection. It's the bulb I think...can't get it to fit in snugly.
  14. I set the diff. to open and you hammer the gas to get the rear tyres to break loose. Do a Scandinavian flick to help whip then back end out. It's possible, but mucher harder because of the AWD. I only do it when it's wet and on late shift. But it's probably not the best for our cars as you pretty much have to be bouncing it off the rev limiter...
  15. Have to say, the red has really really grown on me. Almost as good as white!