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  1. Wanted: 3 inch newage exhaust

    I know the feeling, that's why I switched it. Loved the system I had though!
  2. Hi Tim, I've got this in the cart now, just debating on pushing the buy button now haha. Millers Oils CFS 5W-40 Competition Full Synthetic Engine Oil - Service Pack: 5 Litres Subaru Oil Filter - Genuine Subaru OE Oil Filter - 15208AA12A Is this the best option for the price at £53.95 with the SUBOC discount? Or are thre any other specials coming on soon that may interest? Many thanks, Steve
  3. Wanted: 3 inch newage exhaust

    I’ve got a 2.5” at the car back that tapers up to 3”? Fujitsubo
  4. No idea what to title this...

    Aye proper chuffed. Cheers everyone. 😊
  5. Over and out

    What? Why? Who? How? When? Which dark side?!
  6. Big clear out

    And also how much you looking for filth at bottom end 😬 coilovers/spring?
  7. Hey guys, been away for a while. Moved jobs etc. and haven’t had loads of time to mess around with everything. Anyways, looks like the Subaru paid for itself! I wouldn’t be going to Shell and putting V Power in without it. Some of you might remember that little thing they did. Put £30 in and get a voucher to win the driving holiday? Yeah well, I’ve only gone and won it! Full expensed (aside from 2 meals a day) paid trip to one of five locations (Andalucia, Catalonia, Germany/Austria, Crete, French Riviera) for me, my lass, and little lad! We chose French Riviera. Just got confirmation of the hotels and everything, all minimum of 4* and the hotel in Marseille has a balcony and view of the port 👌🏻👍🏻

    Hmmm...that’s stock? I wonder if I should do that... Looking into tyres as I need to get some soon. Kind of debating between Michelin Pilot Sport, Goodyear Eagle F1, Falken Azenis (spelling), and Kumho Escata’s. I know which the best is, but I’m thinking if I don’t break the bank I can get them refurbed as well...F1’s know a few people that swear by them...had Kumho on a old car before and they were pretty good considering the price...Azenis...I’m dubious about winter/wet.

    There great in the rain from what I know of.
  10. Big clear out

    Why you sell it?!
  11. What have you done to your Subaru today ?

    Not exactly today, but I obviously put the new exhaust on the other week and finally gave her a good wash and used the bairn for child labour to hoover it out haha. YAY! 666 POSTS :D
  12. Newage Cat Back Exhaust

    £175 OBO
  13. Newage Cat Back Exhaust

    Believe it's a Mitsubo, but could be a Fujitsubo, cat back exhaust. Came on my import 2006 Subaru STi. I love this exhaust and it's sound is great to be honest, but it's a 2.5" at the flange that tapers up to a 3" so it'll fit up with a stock catalytic converter no problem. I'm selling as I wanted a 3" system to go with my downpipe which is also 3". Anyway, it's used obviously and has been scraped slightly along the backbox section, along with it being dented. However I had no idea that was there until I pulled it as it's not noticeable when looking at it from normal height and there's no leaks or anything (just passed MOT last month). I have a video of a cold start with a rev or two (it's windy though) if anyone is interesting in seeing it. Asking £200 ONO, willing to ship if buyer pays any PayPal fees/shipping costs (£40 roughly I believe). Many thanks, any questions, feel free to ask 😊
  14. I've got a JDM cat back system...just need a downpipe or cat. Should be able to grab one second hand for cheap.
  15. Fuel Leak?

    Saw it, will reply later mate. yeah, I can understand that fumes/vapor. Not totally full and left in the sun though. I use about a gallon to get back from the petrol station... And that's a different storey lol, leaving next to a hot exhaust yeah that's just stupid. Exactly. I use about a gallon to get home from the petrol station 😂😳😂 and sounds good, I'll take you with so we can bring two back! 😈