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  1. I fitted my ht autos front lip last week or the week before. The 3 bolts along the front edge of the bumper were a c*nt to get my fingers into to get the washer and nut on lol. Do you have an image of the hose clamp on the exhaust? I was thinking about doing that but i'd like to find a better way to achieve the same thing
  2. Thanks. No, you dont need a remap with cbe or cai. If you change the down pipe then it would require a remap. I will be doing this soon. Just got to find one that I want or someone in the UK that can supply one. Not sure if the 2011-2014 model has the same pipe.
  3. Been busy for the last few weeks so not had much time for posting. Got the HT Autos front lip installed yesterday. No pics of it yet but will post them when I do. Put the rear spats on about 6 weeks ago so thought it was time for the front lip to go on. Just got the dreaded side skirts to put on now. Ordered a set of led number lights and installed them last week. They are really bright and crisp looking. Got a pair or red led footwell lights that I need to install too. Not sure wether to hook them up to the dome light so they come on when the door opens or to the map light.
  4. Borla
  5. I wondered the same on my 64 plate. I just checked the vin number. It confirmed it was a 15 model
  6. Its the look that made me buy them. I found them for £14 on wish. If id have seen them first id have bought them and not even bothered wiring them up.
  7. If I could find a decent priced grille I'd have changed mine by now. Only one I like so far, not fully set on it, is the subispeed nbr grille. Seems the UK has sweet FA for the 2015 so far. The US seems to have all the parts, and a lot cheaper too. Maybe I can make a friend in the US who can buy the stuff for me and send it over
  8. Haha i ordered mine from subispeed for my 2015 STI. Arrived in 3 days. Cost £150-170 all-in-all with import tax etc
  9. A lot. Its not really the sound but the grumble that makes it louder. Its hard to explain. I have a before and after but can't work out how to upload via my phone on here. Hope this works: Stock Borla Video doesn't do it justice. I'll see if I can get more this weekend.
  10. How are you sound proofing it? Where are you buying the stuff from?
  11. Does anyone know where I can get these gloss black buttons in the UK?
  12. Picked up the Borla exhaust at 6pm earlier/last night. By 9pm it was all installed and sounding perfect. It has a much better rumble than the standard exhaust and boxes. Id recommend this exhaust to anyone looking for a better sound.
  13. My Borla exhaust arrives next week so i'll have that and the CAI and I won't be remapping it. I will be buying a sports cat and down pipe in the future and i'll map it after that. All the gains are from the cat back to the turbo eg. Sports cat/decat, down pipe, headers etc.
  14. Yeh you're right. No map required for just a CAI. You don't "really" need a map if you add a cat-back exhaust with CAI. If you change the down pipe or and/or headers you will need a map.
  15. Not much from gains on CAI alone tbh. The standard air box is quite big and once you install a CAI, the dump valve noise is a LOT more noticeable. Changed mine just before xmas with a mishimoto CAI. You can get a permance air intake but don't go for that one. Pay the extra £50-£80 for the CAI.