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  1. My 2015 STI

    Tbh, its mainly for the look most people go for. Just buy the horns and fit them with no wiring lol. They are loud and sound better tho. Watch this for the install:
  2. My 2015 STI

    The horns were easy. Remove the bumper, install the bracket and horns, pop out the plug from the factory horn and attach it to the wires in the kit, run the live to the battery and the ground to the bodywork. I ordered the kit from SubiSpeed in the US. Everything you need is in it.
  3. My 2015 STI

    The mudflaps on the black one were already on it. On the blue one it was rallyarmor I ordered from tarmacsportz. Exhaust is borla, ordered from the US via a UK supplier. I put my mishimoto cold air intake on the black one too.
  4. My 2015 STI

    Not on this car. The girlfriend had an accident and wrote the car off. 2 weeks later I bought the same make/model & year but in black. Already has some of the same stuff on it as I put on the WRB.
  5. 2017 STI in the house

    Have you done any power mods? I hit peak boost of 1.31 with a CAI and cat-back.
  6. Maybe dont enter car details, it fails most of the time as it hasn't been entered correctly. Look to see if it looks the same as your current ones.
  7. Where is Everyone in Scotland?

    Inverness! Not seen anyone in this thread from here yet lol
  8. My 2015 STI

    Got the shock of my life tonight. Came home to the girlfriend hoovering the car lol. I guess if you nag enough she will do it. Decided to give it a wash and she helped too 👍 Got some photos of the hellahorns too. I also got some nice door striker covers today. I thought they would look good and get rid of the horrible steel/silver colour.
  9. Japfest silverstone 2017

    Is that 2015+ STI an import? It has the USDM grille and the UK doesn't get that, we get the JDM grille. Wish I'd known this was on
  10. My 2015 STI

    Finally got the front lip on the car. The rear spats went on 2 months ago. It was a bit of a pain the butt trying to get the bolts into the bottom of the bumper but got there eventually. Got the hellahorns installed tonight. Not got a picture yet as it started to get dark by the time I finished. Will post pics tomorrow or the next day. Ordered some LED indicator bulbs. Just need to find a relay with a resistor built in now to stop the hyper flashing. I got some fly eye on the fog/drl lights as the shop didn't have the full yellow I wanted. Waiting for it to arrive then changing it. Also going to get the roof wrapped in gloss black.
  11. 2015 STI DRL LED's

    Looks like from Feb 2011 that they must have DRL's. Might have to find another way of running a set. There might be a better set of fog/drl housings online.
  12. 2015 STI DRL LED's

    Tbh, it is a crap idea for them. You need to go under the car to change the bulb which is rediculous. -1 for Subaru! I was going to get rid of the DRL's and put in a better set of fog lights but not sure if I should.
  13. 2015 STI DRL LED's

    Has anyone replaced the OEM DRL bulbs with LED's? Ordered some but they are too wide to fit in the housing. Looking for somewhere that I can buy them in the UK. Not sure how wide they are. Ps. The housing with the fog lights and DRL's together.
  14. 2017 STI in the house

    I fitted my ht autos front lip last week or the week before. The 3 bolts along the front edge of the bumper were a c*nt to get my fingers into to get the washer and nut on lol. Do you have an image of the hose clamp on the exhaust? I was thinking about doing that but i'd like to find a better way to achieve the same thing
  15. My 2015 STI

    Thanks. No, you dont need a remap with cbe or cai. If you change the down pipe then it would require a remap. I will be doing this soon. Just got to find one that I want or someone in the UK that can supply one. Not sure if the 2011-2014 model has the same pipe.