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Newbie in Bristol


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Hi all


Newbie in Bristol here. Not got a Subaru yet, but thinking of a Legacy or Outback perhaps - probably an estate car for practicality. Up until Monday of this week I had a Suzuki Jimny for dirty work - logs, shooting, dogs, snow, camping, country roads, touch parking etc. and an ancient Porsche for long journeys and fun. However, on Monday my gf rolled the Jimny! Luckily she and the dog were fine, but the car is a gonner. So, I'm looking for a replacement, but thinking possibly of going for one car to avoid the expense and hassle of two. I was considering a 3.0l Subaru Legacy estate car - practical, fun to drive, reliable, reasonable soft off roader, only a bit thirsty! Ideally a 2005 ish manual model for the newer interior, but not the higher tax band. Or possibly even a more modern diesel Legacy. Or perhaps an Outback, though the higher ground clearance probably wouldn't be needed much really...


Any thoughts on the best model for my needs? Also, what are Subarus like to service? I service my other cars myself, but I saw somewhere that you have to take the enginge out of a Subaru to change the spark plugs if you don't have a special tool that Subaru garages have... Is this right? Sounds ridiculous! Can you service a Subaru on your drive, or do you need any old garage, or a specialist Subaru garage?


Also, are there any buying guides on here for Legacies / Outbacks? I could only find one for an Impreza... Or, what is there to look out for when buying a Legacy? (Besides the usual...)


Cheers all, lots more to read here.



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Wotcha and welcome to the forum - sounds like the Outback or Legacy would be ideal for your needs, Legacy probably better if you do spend more time on tarmac, given you do your own servicing I don't believe you will have an issue and they can be done on the drive if you are willing to get the jacks out. Hopefully some of the Legacy and Outback owners will be along in a bit with some specifics - either way keep us posted on your final choice

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