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Grinding/Bearing Noise - Impreza Sport


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Hi All. 

Anyone experienced this? 

I had what I thought was a noisey NSR bearing and changed it a few weeks ago. I stripped the car myself and had a garage press the new bearing in. 

On the test drive, the noise hadn't gone away. To my dismay however, there was ALSO a grinding noise now from the same area which seems to go worse when I turn to the right (however small that turn or bend might be). 

I asked the mechanic who pressed the bearing (a good trusted friend of mine) to drive the car. He was under the impression that I hadn't fitted it initially (although he knew full well that I had). He agreed that the noise we could hear was coming from the NSR and stated that it sounded like the bearing was knackered. He could not account for the grinding and nothing showed up on the four poster ramp. 

Anyone else had this issue? Car is a Sport with brake shoes as opposed to rear pads. There is plenty of life left in the brakes and I am 100% positive that they are adjusted properly. 

Thanks, John.

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Only time I've seen people or had grinding myself was the metal shield was hanging a bit over and would grind when turning. Or the best one I had a mechanic forgot to do up the bottom bolt of my caliper so that made a lovely noise when I turned  :o. I would check everything is tight 1st and check the metal shield isn't catching. 

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It has been suggested that the new bearing has taper roller bearings inside as opposed to the original ball bearings. 


The new bearing sounds knackered. 


As for the grinding, possibly I have bent the back plate on refitting. 


I will let you know the outcome. 



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Would you believe it. The new bearing was fine. Me and my mate (who owns his own garage) were convinced that the new bearing had failed. However it was the other side that had also gone. Daft thing is, the sound was definitely coming from the other side!

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