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2015 STi rear camera/reverse sensors

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Evening all,


I'm trying to decide what to do about reversing aids for my new STi. I've got the options list in front of me and I was wondering if anyone has had them fitted and what you think of them.


I'm considering three options:


1) Have the dealer fit regular reversing sensors (£350). I like that they're a simple fix and may be the cheapest option. However... Do I want to trust my local dealer to fit them to a standard I would expect on a brand new car? Also I have an issue with the accuracy of these sensors. I have to squeeze things into the drive quite tight so the sensors probably won't be accurate enough. Should be fine for normal parking use though.


2) Opt for an upgraded head unit with a rear view camera. Dealer fit Nav option is £990 before fitting the camera! I would probably go for an alternative aftermarket for half the price. The only thing with this option is that I'm still looking at £600ish for an all singing, all dancing head unit that I won't use much.


3) Fit my own camera and wire it to an aftermarket rear view mirror with built-in LCD (about £100). I've driven a few Fords with these facory fitted and I liked it very much. This is my preferred option, however - I was planning to fit the Subaru auto-dimming rear mirror! These aren't available with an LCD. Then there's the fact that the universal mirrors available don't look all that great.


Anyone able to advise/recommend?

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What did you go for after?  I've just purchased a 2016 with non nav and no reversing aids what so ever.

As far as I can find out, it' possible to add the reverse camera to a non nav system.  But i've been unable to find anything about doing this in the UK.

What did you fo for in the end?

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contact the dealeship as the final edition comes with a reversing camera and no sat nav 


the camera however i find a pointless addition to the wrx sti as although it automatically comes on when reverse is selected i find i dont use it and still go on judgement. i personally feelits a pointless addition like almost everything that theyve changed on the final edition 


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