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Tyre load ratings


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M.o.t today flagged an advisory as to the age of my rear tyres showing some sign of cracking on the sidewalls, loads of tread left but obviously need replacing,

Various sites are throwing up tyre selections of 95 and 99 and xl rated tyres, i have 95xl on at the moment, question is do i really need to choose xl (reinforced) tyres or will i get away with 95 or 99's

95's are rated to 690kg and 99's 775 kg,

The car weighs around 1500kg dry so add a bit more on fro occupants and fluids, it's not used for towing anything and is rarely fully laden,

Reason i ask is there is alot more choice not having to go witjh exact replacments

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I agree.....my orig wheels on the SG didn't have XL rubber on, so can't see it being a problem to be honest mate.


Why not just go for standard 99s as a halfway house

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