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Moderators Wanted!


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Moderators Wanted!
Hey Peoples of Subaru Owners Club, do you think you have what it takes to be a moderator? Of course you do! Well, S.O.C is looking for a few moderators to join our team and protect the laws of our sacred land, and help with the the ever growing of the forum and club.




S.O.C Moderators Team Photo

How to Become a mod:
Create an application by sending us a private message or simply post below if you would like to apply and we'll review your application..
Why do you want to be an S.O.C mod?
Why would users want you as their mod?
Please list 1 hilarious joke. Mandatory! 

There are 0 mod spots available for Legacy owners, so get those submissions rolling!

Mods will be slowly added as needed, but you should hear an answer 48/72 hours after you submit your application.

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Here one of the jokes that was submitted to us who will be reviled as a moderator soon enough :) ( Cue suspense music) 


2 nuns riding bikes,
one says to the other "I've never come this way before."
the 2nd says 
"I know it must be the cobbles."

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You know id do it if I had enough time

It's easy mate I still find time for dogging and chasing lonely woman late at night through dimly lit parks after the night clubs kick out.  :ph34r:

Abd as long as people can get on at least once daily it's fine with me, I'm sure the others are happy with that too :) 

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If you need helping hand let me know moderator or not, if I was to be moderator would be good to be one for impreza or forester as I own both. And regarding time no probs, got tapatalk app :) how do you think I found this topic. LoL. Im terrible at jokes so sorry no jokes from me, I dont take things to heart, so I dont get !Removed! off easily tho. Look im rambling, I blame gambit for posting enticing offer.

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