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Fans not kicking in

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Changed coolant earlier and when I ran car up to "what I have to guess" right temp as my temp gauge not working, fans don't kick in. With little bit of throttle to make sure it's hot enough fans just ent kicking in. Do they take longer then other engines to kick in or am I being stupid here. Plugged green plugs in and fans do come on so that's not the problem ? Could it be thermostat gone ? Bit worried bout using the car as I don't want a full meltdown here

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Are the top and bottom rad hoses getting hot ? If they aren't i'd say the thermostat is prob dead, could always remove it and pop it in some hot water to test, Our engines are a pig to bleed, it took me about 20mins of 'burping' the top hose untill all the air had been expelled and i got constant heat across the hoses

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