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Blacks vouchers. A bonus.


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So I go and purchase a Subaru XV to get me out climbing on the hills in winter. I thought this would be the best choice for snow and frost as Subaru have a pedigree when it comes to 4 wheel drive / AWD performance cars.


A big smile on my face as i pick up my new car and they go and tell me that I have £250 of vouchers to spend in blacks outdoor clothing. BONUS. Love Subaru already. 



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hi RichieT

great choice or car there lol


that one of the reasons I got this car, I have started walking and hiking this year and this deffo looked the best choice of car with Subaru's record


also looking forward to some snow to play in haha


video of xv in the snow would be great and a quick review of how it performed.

you on standard tyres or upgraded to winter ones?


you will probably get snow up there before us down here in Yorkshire...

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Having looked at the reviews I've not looked further into specific tires for winter, these come out pretty good. Certainly this morning on the ice we had I couldn't get any loss of traction even though the Ford Focus in front was sliding all over. I'd certainly agree on the choice of car.

Should be noted though that we are probably the entire XV ownership on this forum bar mate a couple of more quiet owners. [emoji39]

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