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Morette Light spares for bugeye impreza's

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Hi all.

Sorry I've not been more active, my car's been having a few issues and I've really had no time online recently.


I'm trying desperately to source a new high beam lens for my morette lights. I've tried many Subaru dealers, morette themselves and every scrap yard I can find.

Noone seems to be able to help!


Anyone got any other ideas?

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Hi mate 


I think unfortunately will have a hard time getting one. With them being pretty sort after headlights and getting hard to get hold of. I'd say be a case of a full unit to replace would be easier but not cheap :( 

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Thanks Gambit I had a  feeling it would be that way. Any advice where I can get a standard bug-eye grill kit? The Morette lights come with the plastic spacers that go next to the grill, so if I replace the lights I will need to source new bits, wont I?

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They look alright better than the standard lights :) Mind you I think any look better than the standard lights :D 


If you go morettes this grill will fit fine 



Does your grill come as a complete set then ? Mine was just inserts.

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I already Have the morettes. The issue is I don't have the inserts separate, they come as part of the lights. I need to track down a set of the inserts for the car if these lights don't come with the inserts. I was told you can only get the inserts as part of the grill set.

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