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Outback 2003 for breaking or project


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Hi folks,

I have a 2003 left hand drive 2.5 Outback with French plates that I am trying to sell. I have had the car for a few years and it has been very reliable, except for an occasional erroneous engine management warning when changing over from petrol to LPG.

However, the centre diff suddenly decided that it was time to depart this world last week. The car went in to main dealer, who drained the gearbox oil down and discovered metal parts in the oil. They advised me that it would be expensive to fix, being an engine out job, and perhaps not worth doing, given the age of the car.

It's a shame, as the car is otherwise in good condition and has only covered 83,000 miles, so should've run for a while.

Do you have any any ideas re how to try to get something for the car? We have thought about taking it to a breaker, but I guess we would get very little for the car.



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You'd get more for taking it over the weigh bridge at your local scrappy than selling to a breaker [emoji20]

Have you looked at getting a 2nd hand diff and finding a specialist in your area to do the work, you'll save a packet.

Would be a shame to scrap or break it as it's bot got that many miles on it.

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indeed repairing the current box/diff is possible as is finding a used replacement. A good independent will be far cheaper than a dealer & be able offer more options.

If you still find this too expensive & want shift the car for a fair price try listing it on eBay for spares/repair & if rest of vehicle super clean someone will be interested even if for donor low mileage engine.

Unusual for centre diff failure without other issues straining it such as poorly matched tyres, rear diff issue or heavy use towing etc.

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