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brake upgrade recommendations

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Hi guys

Looking to upgrade my brakes on my gc8 98 import sti

Maybe the whole set up, but discs and pads i definitely want to do. Front and back

Looking for a rough cost for it as well.

Was wondering what size front and back are and what pot. They are still standard set up and have not been upgraded.

Wondering what you recommend and what set up you guys have?


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I used Carbon Lorraine pads and I can recommend them. They are bite as a wolf and they don`t need preheat.

They can be used on track and road.

My everyday STI has ferodo DS2000 pads. They are also great compare to the stock ones.

If you don`t want to use your car on a track you can do the newage upgrade as Gambit advised above.

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What discs do u use with them?

I am using the OEM discs on the STI. Please note that CL pads are a little noisy when you brake softly. They squeak.

On my previous car I used Pagid as well. They were also fine.

I never tried EBC but I`ll give it a try next.

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Martin from Sheffield Subaru Service previously advised me to avoid EBC discs and pads. CAn't recall the exact reason, but its enough of a reason for me to avoid them. I went with Pagid discs and pads, they are pretty good OEM stuff, no complaints. Bite really nicely too. Although, Martin did put some braided lines on for me, so that might have something to do with it. :)

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