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Replacing drop links


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Very easy & new drop links from BluePrint or Solid Ace are not expensive .

above brands are about £20 each & you should be able get them for that if shop around local motorfactors or try Amazon, they very good quality parts, you can get cheaper such as First Line at about £13 but won't last as long & the quality drop can be seen & felt during fitting.

2 nuts on each link, best giving squirt of penetrating oil before doing job but generally no real hassle. If nuts & rod a real corroded mess then either need split the nuts off or carefully cut at base of nut & through threaded rod.

Link below of BluePrint replacement & has pic of part in question ...


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If car sitting level no, if you jacked one side up then yes.

If you need lift car to do job then lift both sides same.

You may find just a little load when remove first joint but that nothing that can not be controlled & pulled in line by hand for refitting.

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For anyone wanting cheap option but pretty good quality then Delphi links TC1762  are best price to quality option & easy buy via eBay at £13.22


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Cheers, what any idea what that is in newton meters, don't have a torque rench that does foot lbs ? Gone for some uprated polly ones [emoji16] hopefully that dreadful clunking will dissappear

If you mean clunking when accelerating or slowing down in my case it was rear one.
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