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Come on McLaren make a !Removed! decision on who's driving for you next year.Jenson better be one of them!!Supposed to make the decision today,but no answer as of yet.It is !Removed! me off as you might guess.I met JB couple of years ago at Silverstone and got his autograph and he's so laid back its unbelievable .If they get rid of him and how they've treated him and KM about who's driving next year is disgusting....I could go on and on

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I think his Dad had a bit of an impact early on this season which is understandable, but the poor performance of the car showed across the team same with Ferrari thats also had an effect on the drivers this season and was far too late by the time they had done anything about it. 

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Still alonso consitatnt points finisher along with jenson they will be higher in the constructers together as a team than either ferrari or mclaren were,

I cant see whzt magnason could bring thats different to jenson

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Well they've asked the press to attend a conference tomorrow at 10am.........Are they going to announce the drivers or are they gonna say there going to make the announcement after xmas???If they've given JB the boot im going to be right !Removed! off!!

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Jenson Button is to partner Fernando Alonso at McLaren next season.

The team will announce their driver line-up at a news conference at their factory in Surrey on Thursday.

But BBC Sport has learned they have decided to retain Button, world champion in 2009, after weeks of leaning towards Kevin Magnussen.

The news means Button, 34, will extend his F1 career into a 16th season and team him up with the driver widely regarded as the best in the sport.

McLaren signed Alonso, 33, some weeks ago but had been vacillating over the identity of his team-mate.

McLaren's 2015 partnership


Fernando Alonso


Nationality Spanish

World titles 2

Races/Wins 236/32

Podium finishes 97



Jenson Button

Age 34

Nationality British

World titles 1

Races/Wins 268/15

Podium finishes 50



They had intended to retain Magnussen, 22, on the basis that the team's data had suggested he was fractionally quicker and had youth and promise on his side.

But Button's strong finish to the season, his experience and perhaps unrest at boardroom level influenced the team to go the other way.

The two drivers were evenly matched for pure pace in 2014, with Button out-qualifying his Danish team-mate 10-9 over the course of the season.

The Englishman also scored more than twice as many points.





Magnussen and Button have remained on good terms despite being pitted together for one seat at McLaren

Magnussen, who ended with 55 points compared to Button's tally of 126, may be retained as reserve driver for 2015.

The farrago over the identity of the team's second driver has overshadowed McLaren's signing of double world champion Alonso.

The Spaniard's capture is quite a coup considering his standing in the sport and the fact he was at Ferrari.

Ferrari may have endured their least successful season for 21 years, but they still finished ahead of McLaren in 2014, thanks largely to the efforts of Alonso.



Kevin Magnussen finished second on his F1 debut in this year's season-opening Australian Grand Prix

McLaren's new engine partnership with Honda helped convince Alonso to rejoin them, as did the signing of key team personnel.

Alonso felt McLaren were more likely to provide him with the opportunity to secure the third title he has been seeking since he won his second in 2006.

Alonso is reputed to have signed a deal worth $40m (£25.5m) a year, which would make him the best-paid driver on the grid.

His contract is believed to be for two years with the option for one more, but Alonso will almost certainly be able to leave at the end of 2015 if McLaren's performance is not up to expectations next season.

Button will be on a one-year deal at a salary reduced by at least half from the reputed £12m he was earning in 2014.

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