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bumpy ride under power

22 mpg

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Hi Guys need some more help please. As well as my annoying clanging sound under engine braking I am getting a constant bumping as I drive under power. It's as if I have something stuck to my tyre, it's most noticable at low speed in slow moving traffic and only happends in drive, as soon as I stick it in neutral and coast it stops.





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Thats what i'm thinking or maybe a dodgy diff. I'm waiting for a call back from my local scooby dealer to see if they have had anything part ex that I could do a deal on as the cost of all the repairs is far more than the car is worth. Having fitted a new exhaust, a new cv axle, welding up the sill, I jacked it up last week and the sill has gone on the other side. The rear subframe mounts look like they have been under water for 50 years. I think I am going to have to admit defeat and scrap it. :(

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Spoke to the dealer and they have just sent one to auction in leeds. May be worth a trip over to see? they took my number and said they will give me a ring if anything else comes in.



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Sorry to hear that the rot has set in so deep and cutting your losses might be the best call [emoji20]

But at least it sounds like you're sticking with subaru [emoji6]


I'll have to see what comes up, I mainly want the car for winter as I have a couple of motorbikes for my commute to work. I want awd or 4wd and the scooby is the best compromise for speed :) and playing in the snow :D :D :D :D i'll have to see how long she lasts before I get desperate.

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The one at the auction is an auto but I like them as I spend most of my time stuck in traffic anyway. The dealer that part ex'd it said it was in pretty good nick and worth around £1200. Looking on autotrader it should be double that.

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just seen a Legacy 2.0 R 4dr FULL SERVICE HISTORY 53k 2990 looks interesting

Is this it by any chance? http://www.usedcarsnearme.co.uk/area/yorkshire-and-humberside/west-yorkshire/cleckheaton/car/subaru/legacy/6837060


I have the same model and I couldn't fault it at all! Lovely to drive, average about 33-35mpg (using vpower) over a mix of motorways and town driving. I paid 2900 for mine with 85k on the clock, so that's not a bad deal tbh mate.

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That looks in good nick mate. I have to admit, I'd take a estate or outback over a saloon anyway. I do love my legacy saloon, its a lovely car to drive but I'd love to have the extra boot space of an estate and higher ground clearance of an outback. Maybe try and grab it for 2500?

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